The official flag of The Alliance

The Alliance of Earth 2 was created on May 24th, 2015 after the Nazi invasion of Earth 2. The new alliance consists of nations that have either been destroyed or nations that don't have the resources to fight the Nazis on their own.

Aftermath of Nazi Invasion and Creation


LOLrope after the Nazi invasion

On May 11th, 2015, the United Speakonian Nazi Empire had captured the USSR's nuclear weapons devices. They launched all of the USSR's nukes, causing a massive death toll totaling almost 65% of Earth 2's allied population.

The original Alliance consisted of 5 Nations: Great LOLtain, France (now known as the Free French Empire), the USSR, The LOLfrican Empire (in green on map) and the Arab League (in gold on map). The United LOLs of ROFLica, Canada, and the Republic of Minecraft are acting as supporters of the new alliance.

The main enemies of the Alliance are the United Speakonian Nazi Empire (in red on map) and Virussia (in blue on map).

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