The Allied Nations Agreement is a treaty which was signed in Loldon, Great Loltain after the Battle of Loldon finished. The agreement was signed by Pieboy6000 (USSR), Microsoft Sam (United Lols of Roflica), AT88TV (Great Loltain) and Radar Overseer Scotty (Republic of My). The treaty is an agreement which allows the four countries to trade more and increase inports/exports between the nations. The treaty was created by Great Loltain as a means of bringing the nations closer to one another.

The Treaty

At the top of the treaty, it states the following,

"I, AT88TV, leader of Great Loltain have declared I have made and signed this new agreement, The Allied Nations Agreement. This treaty allows relations between Great Loltain and our three main allies, The United Lols of Roflica, The USSR and the Republic of My to be strengthened."

The other three leaders agreed and the treaty was signed on March 4.

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