The Ascension Trilogy is a three series trilogy set to premere in 2014 and will be created by EASlol and Pieboy6000. This trilogy is an immediate followup to The Tiberium Trilogy, and the final story arc of the Tiberium Era in the Earth 2 Storyline.

Despite the fact it was supposed to be a trilogy, Kane's Wrath was never released. A lack of motivation on the part of both Pieboy and EASlol resulted in the series never moving past episode 1. Pieboy says he considers Tiberian Sun the worst series of the Tiberium Saga, but Endgame to be the best part of it.

Microsoft Sam and The Tiberian Sun

Operation: Skyfall has finally ended. GDI settles back down, combatting Tiberium spreading worldwide and leaving a blind eye to Nod. Kane has vanished after the end of Skyfall, and Anton Slavik, a leader of the Inner Circle of Nod take over in his absence. Slavik hunts for the Tacitus, held by GDI forces in an unknown location, which eventually goes wrong. When a GDI patrol catches sight of Nod forces attacking a nearby outpost, they call in a warning to High Command. Nod's come looking for the Tacitus, and they're attacking many GDI compounds. With this report, the Second Tiberium War begins...

Microsoft Sam and Kane's Wrath

After the events of Tiberian Sun, the Brotherhood of Nod has been broken and as Kane returns to lead his people, he finds them in shattered disarray. Because of this, kane regathers his forces and wages war against GDI once again attempting to gain the tacitus, this time suceeding with his brand new AI commander simply known as "Legion". Little does earth 2 know, the tacitus is for much more diabolical plans. With his plans being set in motion, Kane starts the Third Tiberium War...

Microsoft Sam: Endgame

Tiberium is slowly consuming the planet as of a recent evolving in it's genetics, bypassing GDI's ways of holding it back. Most of the world is a Red Zone and one man steps forth with a solution, a solution that would save the whole planet and it's people. Despite how great the plan is, many followers of Nod and soldiers of GDI are skeptical and form rebellions against their leaders. To top it off, a vital part of the plan has an unexpected side effect as an old enemy returns in full force. A huge 5-way battle rages across the already scarred Earth 2. Time is ticking as Tiberium spreading continues, and it's down to Sam and an unlikely ally to put an end to not just the Fourth Tiberium War, but to the Tiberium era itself...

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