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The Bacon Crisis (to be known on YouTube as Microsoft Sam and the Bacon Crisis) was to be a six episode comedy series created by Thunderbirds101. The series was to depict a crisis with Microsoft Sam and his friends against the maniacal Bacon, hell-bent on turning everything on Earth 2 into bacon. The series was to adopt more humorous overtones than The Great Final War, a factor that likely played a role in the demise of the latter series with its lack of humor. The series was expected to be begin sometime in Summer 2013, but the revival of The Great Final War left the series shelved, and ultimately cancelled.

Major Plot Elements

The series depicts Microsoft Sam and his friends against Bacon, as he descends into insanity beyond all recognition. A series of unfortunate events causes Bacon to turn against everyone and everything in a furious rage, and he swears to destroy anything that does not conform to Bacon. Sam and the team must join together to fight the insane man before he destroys everything.

Episode Guide




  • Microsoft Sam
  • Microsoft Mike
  • Microsoft Mary
  • Radar Overseer Scotty
  • The ROFL Robot


  • Bacon

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