The story begins with Olaf53 describing how he was inspired by nkrs200 and the release of his next video. It details the video, and it shows nkrs200 and the TTS video creators getting slain, and how the characters of nkrs200 get killed one-by-one by Bacon.

It, at the very end, also depicts a very graphic scene depicting Sam being captured, tortured, and eventually murdered and cannibalized, as well as thetck532 himself getting captured.


The creepypasta was eventually extended by a person named Notwonder (now called Serrara) who actually is Vsauce Winner, a member of the wiki, and a major fan of the TTS Universe.

It has since been written from his perspective, and is an operation to rescue Olaf53 that goes horribly wrong; as a result, this has since became less of a creepypasta and more of a Great Final War type story.


The note that Olaf53 sent.

In fact, in this note, Olaf53 confirmed this.


In Part 6, the creepypasta was renamed The Bacon Incident (presumably due to the story no longer being a creepypasta)

Links: (# is part)

  1. (Original)
  6. NOTE: Now referred to as The Bacon Incident.

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