The Battle for LOLfrica


Friendly CLPA, USSR, Minecraft, VietLOL


The CLPA, The Flood (Note these two were fighting as well)


Allied Forces/Friendly CLPA Victory All Flood forces in LOLfrica destroyed, half of LOLfrica glassed to prevent flood spread, Allied Forces and Friendly CLPA enter the portal

The Battle for Lolfrica was a major conflict that took place just after the Battle of the Storm, between Allied Forces, the CLPA and the Flood.

Just after the Dreadnought flew into the portal, a CLPA cruiser trailing strange smoke flew over the area and crashed. When asked if it was more CLPA by the Arbiter, Pieboy responded simply with "Worse", revealing that Pieboy knows a lot about the Flood. EASlol and Pieboy, joined by Minecraftian, USSR and LOLfrican forces (and later ER88), pushed through the city, watching many people die and become infected by the flood. As they did, friendly CLPA soldiers helped out against the Flood.

After defeating some of the Flood and pushing through, Pieboy remembered that the Flood couldn't be demolished with a nuke, and the Arbiter told him that they would absorb the radiation and get even stronger, where they made the decision to glass the part of LOLfrica they were in.

Suddenly, a large group of flood ambushed the team, however a friendly CLPA Phantom landed near them and got them all onboard before flying back to the main friendly CLPA cruiser. They recieved a message from the Supreme AI, and a small argument erupted between the CLPA Shipmaster and Pieboy. The Shipmaster said that he could have just glassed the whole planet, but didn't due to the Arbiter, but was reminded by Pieboy that he just glassed half a continent, and EASlol reminded the Shipmaster that Earth 2 had the strongest nuke in existence. Pieboy then asked if they were planning to go through, to which ER88, EASlol and the Shipmaster all said yes. Pieboy ended by saying "This is either the best decision you've ever made or the worst. Either way I'll probably die before I get to see it". Pieboy did (begrudgingly) accompany them to the Ark.

It was decided that this battle was a Friendly CLPA/Allied Forces victory.

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