The battle for LOLivostok


LOLivostok, USSR Controlled Russian LOLeration


Communist USSR Victory: All Soiturranian soldiers killed by Tactical Vista Nuke, USSR manages to keep hold of the ruins of LOLivostok

Territorial Changes:

Southern most part is taken over by the Supreme AI, but is pulled out when Vistadiation and vistadioactive fLOLout end up there.


Allies: USSR, United LOLs, South My Invaders: North My, Soiturrania, CLPA


Allies: Pieboy6000 (USSR), Microsoft Sam (United LOLs of ROFLica), Radar Overseer Scotty (South My), Invaders: The Supreme AI

The battle for LOLivostok was a lengthy yet deadly battle in LOLivostok, USSR controlled Russian LOLeration.

It lasted for a short period of about 4 hours. It became apperant in the end that even with the massive amounts of PSAS and other armoured vehicles, they weren't able to hold them forever and called in a Tactical Vista Nuke to end it. A few bodies were found, but only one being identifyable, specifically Radar Overseer Ivan who was killed by a North My controlled B2 Spirit LOLStealth Bomber. Following this, the Soiturranian army took the southern most part of LOLivostok, only to abandon it due to Vistadiation and Vistadioactive Fallout. This battle put the USSR on full alert, and this let the USSR fight for 1 week before falling in the Battle for the Russian LOLeration.

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