The Battle for the Russian Federation


Russian Federation, USSR controlled


Supreme AI Victory: USSR leaders flee the country, Country destroyed by Diarrhea Death Star, 1,500 Soviets escape, troops from the US, United Kingdom, Canada, Ukraine and South My are evacuated quickly before destruction


Allies: United Speakonian Soviet Republic, United States of America, Cnada, United Kingdom, Ukraine, South My. Invaders: North My, Soiturrania, Communist Linux Penguin Army

Commanders and Leaders:

Pieboy6000, Microsoft Sam, Radar Overseer Scotty, Viktor LOLnukovych, David LOLeron, Queen ELOLibeth II, David LOLston, Horatio LOLson, LOLpoleon LOLnaparte Invaders: The Supreme AI


Allies: 141,848,000 (Approx. USSR, Civilians and Military) 67,436 (Other Allies, No foreign civilians harmed)

Invaders: 14,435,935 (Approx.)


500,000 (Russian Federation Soldiers)




An image taken above a Russian Federation city block in LOLingrad after it's destruction at 8pm BST. Unbelievably, that is not water, but is diarrhea. It is confirmed atleast 65% of it is made from dead people, 20% buildings and 15% vehicles.

The Battle for the Russian Federation was a battle that took place during the War in the Republic of My. The battle was remarkable for a few reasons, one of which was how it started. As soon as Pieboy6000 heard that he had been backstabbed by the Supreme AI, he immediately went to tell the USSR - albeit they already knew, as Vladivostok was being invaded. He nuked Vladivostok to prevent further invasion, and instantly beefed up military forces around the Federation.

Thanks to this, the country was held for 1 week, and was told it would only be 1 day before it fell without much resistance. However he could only get people out on the last hour. When that hour was up, the Diarrhea Death Star turned anything still in the Russian Federation into excrement. Only 1,500 people survived on the USSR side, and most of the other allies had already withdrew forces as they were told to so they could avoid the terrible threat. Pieboy was quoted as saying "Our allies will need their forces for their countries, and they may leave upon their decision". Ukraine's leader Viktor Lolnukovych was quoted saying "We are right next to our Soviet allies, and we will fight with them until the last piece of land is taken over," and remained true to their word. 34,000 (approx.) Ukrainian soldiers died by the Diarrhea Death Star's beam. When he learned of his countries defeat, and then learned that Sam was about to assault the Supreme AI's base, Pieboy totally ripped off MW2 and said "The battle was lost, but the war has just begun," and sent out the Friendly Communist Fleet of the USSR in Rofl-56 Space Combat Fighters MK V. This ended the battle in the destruction of the Russian Federation, resulting in a victory for The Supreme AI.

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