The Cataclysm was an event brought about by Satan's most powerful servent, Deathwing. The attack caused catastrophic damage to the USSR, IreLOL, the ULR, VietLOL, Great LOLtain and other countries on Earth 2.

Countries And Damage To Them

  • Minecraft - Giant fissure running through west to east, separating the continent in two.
  • VietLOL - Small piece of landmass broke off forming an island. (The VietLOLese call this island HellFire Island)
  • USSR - Large piece of the USSR Broke off to form another island (using secret technology, the island was fused back to the mainland of the USSR).
  • IreLOL - Destroyed islands (reformed using secret technology), volcanic island formed off the coast. (lava was removed using secret technology)
  • ULR - Part of CaliROFLia has broken off (Fused back via secret technology)
  • Great Loltain - Scotlol and rest of the country seperated, but reconnected with secret advanced technology, force causes 8.0 magnitude earthquake near Scotlol-Englol border, no tsunami formed.
  • AtLOLtic Ocean - A Maelstrom now churns in the center of it, it has been reported to be projecting a red beam out of its center

More countries have yet to place a damage report.


AT88TV of Great Loltain said "The breakaway and resulting earthquake must have been extremely scary for those involved." The focus now is the earthquake." "We need to know the death toll and damage to our villages, towns and cities." "My heart goes out to other countries affected." "God bless Earth 2"

EmergencyRanger88 of VietLOL has no comment.

Other world leaders have yet to respond to this cataclysm.


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