The Communist Islands of Glory are islands right off the coast of Vietnam. The islands became under Irish control after an operation that killed huge numbers of Communist Linux Penguin Army soldiers.

On August 19th, 2012, Vietlol attacked the islands for no known reason. Ireland was quick to respond, putting up enough of a fight to evacuate every last Irelolish citizen from the islands. Eventually, the Irish forces got beaten back to the shores, where the Irish navy provided fire support as the troops escaped their doom. When asked to provide a reason for the sudden attack, ER88 refused to comment.

About two hundred Irish troops died saving the lives of the Irish citizens. Multiple arguments and assaults began after the skirmish ended before the USSR sent in its navy and warned both sides to stop fighting or they'd face annihilation. Vietnam was given the islands, however many countries around the world looked upon Vietnam with confusion and anger.

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