The Elite AI copy

The Elite AI.

The Elite AI is the third sibling of The Supreme AI and is an identical clone of The Supreme AI. She is the main antagonist during the Third CLPA War, and was an exceptional master of timing and controlling. This was proven as she lead a surprise CLPA invasion of Earth 2 days after the First Tiberium War. This caught all Earth 2 forces off guard and, after having her forces capture GDI Director Pieboy6000, put GDI out of commission and forced Nod into hiding in Africa.

Her foothold on the planet remained until December 15 2013, when Microsoft Sam mysteriously reappeared after his disappearance the same day as the invasion. First confused, he learned what had become of Earth 2 in his absence and immediately set out to help bring down the CLPA. This eventually succeeded, unfortunately for the Elite AI. Her forces fought valiantly but were unable to stop Sam and his forces from closing her Superportal. It would seem she would survive these events, a fourth invasion undoubtedly coming, but a last minute betrayal by Nod to GDI lead to a World Altering Missile launch. Thankfully however, the dissipating superportal managed to transport the W.A.M. into orbit - of Mars. Before the Elite AI and her siblings could escape from Mars with their forces, it detonated, covering Mars in Tiberium and annihilating all forces on the planet. It is believed the Elite AI and her forces were killed in this event, though no expeditions to Mars have been made due to excessive Tiberium contamination.

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