The Equaliser

The Equaliser was the USSR Space Corps' main command ship. It is modeled after the dreadnought owned by the late Geth race. It possesses a vast array of weapons, these being ten tactical nuclear launchers, twenty M2052 High Velocity Autocannons, sixteen hull smasher beams, around 5000 High-Explosive Missiles, four anti-bio beams, and the ultimate weapon, the Hyper Energy Projector, a huge weapon capable of tearing clean through most ships in a single blast, as well as being capable of destroying an entire city with the force of a high-yield nuclear blast at full charge with the heat levels reaching up to one million degrees celsius. If given a few days, the Equaliser would be capable of obliterating a whole world with its projector. It is defended by heavy kinetic barriers, that remain invisible until attacked. It is then defended by heavily reinforced armour across the whole ship, and rooms are designed to keep damage to a minimum when hit by a hostile attack.

The ship itself can be used as a weapon. Its enormous size allows it to simply plow through most smaller ships, sustaining only moderate kinetic barrier damage. The ships enormous attack capabilities and insane defensive statistics give it a fearsome rank of being the most powerful ship orbitting Earth 2.

After the dissolution of the USSR and the prompt downfall of Russo-American relations thanks to stubborn Russians and vicious Americans, Asredon saw fit to remove the ship from Russian possession, and now uses it as his own Flagship, a silent defender against spaceborne threats and an observer of the world below, allied to no one.

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