The Equestrian War was a war between the Allied countries of IreLOL, The United Speakonian Soviet Republic, VietLOL, The Republic Of Minecraft, and the Axis powers of the Communist Linux Penguin Army and the Republic of Equestria (basically a reincarnation of Lollogramia), during March 2012.

The war started after unauthorized nuclear launches were detected in the USSR. Pieboy6000 was able to disarm the nukes before any damage happened. Shortly later, a chemical attack occured in VietLOL. This was also put to a quick end by EmergencyRanger88. Shortly after that, DubLOL, capital of IreLOL, was attacked by a rainbow-colored streak and nearly destroyed the city. Natesworld2K beamed himself to IreLOL to see what was happening. When the streak was headed towards him, he was able to make out a face before the streak hit him, knocking him out. When he woke up at the DubLOL Hospital, he informed Pieboy that the ponies had returned. Pieboy, EASlol, and ER88 were shocked by this. All avalible allied forces beamed to DubLOL. The allied leaders and their companions heard sirens going off, and went to a nearby tower for safety. Seconds later, a pony appeared out of nowhere, and started shooting. After the pony was taken hostage, the allied leaders interrogated the pony and found out about a base where ponies and CLPA alike were situated on an island four miles off of the coast of DubLOL.

Everybody went to that island, and Operation: Hate and Intolerance began. The allied leaders reached a room where they met a hologram of Celestia, Equestria's ruler. Fooled, the allied leaders advanced into a room, where Pieboy was captured by the CLPA after his Havoc was shot down. The other three and their companions escaped. More fighting ensued, as a scarab tank started shooting at the allied leders. Fortunatley, EASlol managed to destroy the tank, killing several CLPA soldiers and ponies as well. Eventually, the leaders and their companions found Pieboy, guarded by CLPA soldiers, eight ponies, and Celestia. The allies defeated the CLPA, rescuing Pieboy, and put the ponies on their knees. As Volishinov begun to record and broadcast over the island, IreLOL, Minecraft, the USSR, and VietLOL, the ponies in that room were killed violently. The remaining ponies surrendered to the AAKAW and were genetically transformed into KTs. After this, the rest of the continent surrendered. This was not cared for, and the republic was destroyed in nuclear fire by the countries taking part.

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