The Evil Mainframe. Concept created by Thunderbirds101.

The Evil Mainframe is a brother of The Supreme AI. He was constructed around the same time as The Supreme AI back in 2008 in North Korea. He remained dormant with his sister on the base in the ruins of planet Earth.

During the Psychic Dominator Disaster in 2013, he was resurrected by The Elite AI.

The War of The Minecraft Republic

The Evil Mainframe started his evil plans in the war in the Republic of Minecraft by assassinating King Jameson III and taking control of the armies of North Minecraft. With the armies in his control and the backing of the Soviet Lulz Brigade, he launched murderous attacks against South Minecraft. With South Minecraft under his control, the Evil Mainframe sought old allies such as Satan and the Devil's Hell Star. But things took a better turn for him when his sister, The Supreme AI, returned to back him up. Two weeks later, his plans began to falter and The Evil Mainframe was destroyed by EASlol's forces.

The War In New ZeaLOL

Two weeks after the war in the Republic of Minecraft, the Evil Mainframe was reconstructed by Cybriann's worker droids under the orders of The Supreme AI. His words upon being revived were, "I want Microsoft Sam's head on a spike." He aided Cybriann for about a week before he and his sister betrayed Cybriann and were going to pursue their plans from the war of the republic of my. But as he and his sister were attacking the United Lols of Roflica, they were contacted by Cybriann. After Cybriann made his threats, the Evil Mainframe went in an Avrion M2 to kill Cybriann. But the Evil Mainframe was shot down by Cybriann and he crash landed, leaving viewers unaware of his fate.

The Psychic Dominator Disaster

In 2013, during the Psychic Dominator Disaster, the Elite AI ventured to the ruins of Project Goldeneye and retrieved The Evil Mainframe's processor and all of his functioning pieces. The CLPA gave him a much more powerful form and more weapons to use.


  • The Evil Mainframe does not exist in the Thunderbirds101 timeline.

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