Federal Russian States
Flag of the FRS
"Выступайте в поход для истинного России, бороться больше за свободного мира."

(March forth true for Russia, to fight more for the free world.)


General Vladimir Dastanich


~20,000,000 People


Claims to be a free region, unrecognised by any nation.




United Speakonian Soviet Republic

The Federal Russian States is a rather powerful region that formed in early January 2015. The citizens and leaders of the region felt betrayed by Pieboy6000, who had left Earth 2 behind, and by extension, his people. This grew rather rapidly among small towns and poor cities across the USSR, and eventually the situation fell out of acting Premier Dmitri Maykl Volishinov's hands, and the region became autonomous. Their goal is to annihilate the loyalists of the USSR, and they attempted to do so shortly after their autonomy. This started the long and bloody conflict known simply as the Russian Civil War on January 10, 2015. 

The contains around 20 million Russian people, and around half of the USSR's armed forces, hence the fierce stalemate between both sides.

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