The Firebirds101 Director

TTS voice:

Adult Male #1 - American English


The director of the Firebirds101 Forge




Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Mike, Microsoft Mary, Radar Overseer Scotty, and radar robot three quintillion nine hundred seventy-six





The Firebirds101 Director is the second-in-command within the Firebirds101 forge. He appears in many of Firebirds101's videos and is normally used as a commentator to clear up sticky issues. It is rumored that Firebirds101 has connections with Anonymous due to making the Director's avatar an ananymous guy with a "Censored" bar over his face. Fortunately, this is nothing but a running gag, and Firebirds101, nor the Director have anything to do with Anonymous whatsoever.

First appearance

The Firebirds101 Director appeared in Microsoft Sam reads retarded windows errors episode 7 for several minutes. There, it shows him monitoring the forge, when a mysterious projectile plummets towards the building. It is later descovered that the mysterious projectile is a Fanta Bomb, which upon explosion makes the victim's brain melt into a mushy pulp, talk like a retard for several minutes, then die of AIDS and fail. This was descovered by radar robot three quintillion nine hundred seventy-six.

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