The Forerunner Trilogy is a trilogy made by Pieboy6000 and MrEASlol and will air in 2015. The series draws some themes, characters and locations from the Halo series, similar to the Tiberium Trilogy with Command & Conquer.

Microsoft Sam: Precursor

Taking place in mid-2015, Yuri has Defeated and Earth 2 has settled back down into an era of peace. One day, an unknown signal is detected on Jupiter's largest moon, Ganymede. A joint exploration force of Russian, American and Minecraftians including RedStar, Sam and EASlol are sent out to investigate the signal. Little do they know that they are about to set into motion a chain of events that threaten Earth 2, if not the whole galaxy.

Microsoft Sam: Composer

Information will be released once it is not a spoiler. 

Microsoft Sam: Halo

Information will be released once it is not a spoiler.

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