The Forerunners
The Symbol of The Forerunners


The Prometheans

Notable Leaders

The Didect, The Librarian






Earth 2, Communist Linux Penguin Army, The Flood

Current Leader

The Didect

The Forerunners are the creators of everything in the known universe. They are escentially the master race that keeps the universe in check and are responsible for destroying the flood billions of years ago, or at least a large portion of them. They are simply known as "The Creators" in our terms, or "Gods" in CLPA Terms. They are currently lead by The Didact.


Not much is known about them as there are no real discovered records of them on earth 2, in africa one of their ships was dug up and studied by the USSR. It told Earth 2's history on how original earth was populated by this forerunner ship. They are also responsible for the creation of the races that Earth 2 has fought in the past, such as the scrin, kane, and even the reapers.

Classes of Forerunners

Promethean Knight


A Promethean Knight

The Promethean Knight is the deadliest class of forerunner with teleportation powers, a blade that extends from their arm, and of cource, they have the power to use Forerunner weapons. They are typically the quicker kind of Forerunner soldier and have deadly precision, their design is to be on the front lines or act as defense AI's when needed. Do not take them for granted, as they are very dangerous.



A Promethean Crawler

The Crawler class of Forerunner is typically the cannon fodder class of the Promethean arsenal, they are typically always seen on the front lines and are usually the first to engage an enemy. They also act as pets for the Promethean Knights, there are 2 types of crawlers, snipers and regulars. They are typically less dangerous then Knights.


Halo-4-watcher wide

A Promethean Watcher

Watchers are the ariel versions of prometheans, they provide shielding for the forerunner army and can catch grenades to throw them back at you. They are a formidiable opponent and should be avoided and taken out with precision.

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