Philadelphia 1

The new GDSS Lolingrad, the command hub of the GDI.

The GDSS Lolingrad is a space station high above Earth 2, sent up on July 30, 2011. It contacts and can be contacted by other space stations and signals from Earth 2, effectively being the USSR's interplanetery communications channel, however all other calls are instantly overrided by the Pieboy Tower if it contacts the Station. It was initially only serving the USSR, but with the creation of the GDI, the station became the Command Hub of the Global Defense Initiative.

It is in geosynchronous orbit above Lolscow in the USSR, and is largely considered the very heart of the GDI, due to it's almost unreachable location for the Brotherhood of Nod. Despite this, Pieboy6000, GDI's director, is almost never aboard the station.

Only high-ranking GDI operatives are allowed aboard the GDSS, with the exception of annual energy summits, financial meetings, and large-scale direction of GDI armed forces.

The original station was converted into a fully powered Ion Cannon satellite in December 2013 and incorporated in to the GDI Ion Cannon Satellite Defence Network, the space station itself being replaced with a new model.

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