Golden IWAY cookie

The Golden IWAY cookie

The Golden IWAY Cookie was a fabled and legendary IWAY cookie. It was in the IWAY cookie temple, which was located in the IWAY jungle.

First Notice

The cookie appeared in Thunderbird101's video, Microsoft Sam's Quest for the Golden IWAY Cookie. In the video, Microsoft Sam watches a report on IWAY NEWS. After, talking about Washington D.C. being invaded by the Russians, the reporter talks about two dead explorers in the IWAY Jungle. They were looking for the Golden IWAY cookie, but were ambushed by Domingo0022's IWAY minions. After hearing the report, Microsoft Sam was determined on finding the cookie. He tells Radar Overseer Scotty to start the ROFLcopter.

The Quest

After two days and 10,000 miles, the two get to the IWAY jungle. Scotty tells Sam that the temple containing the IWAY cookie is about 20 miles away from their current location.The temple is also guarded by Doming0022's IWAY guardians. They walk to the temple, but are then discovered by an IWAY guardian, who threatens the two. Microsoft Sam shoots the guardian with a ROFLshotgun, and they enter the temple. Microsoft Sam finds the cookie and eats it. Then, he belches which blows up the temple, however the two still survive.


  • There was only one Golden IWAY cookie in existence, which was eaten by Microsoft Sam.
  • Microsoft Sam found the Plutonium IWAY cookie exactly a year later on the same day he found the Golden IWAY cookie. He ate both.
  • Eating a Golden IWAY cookie results in belching, which can create an explosion.
  • Both legendary IWAY cookies were guarded by the minions of Domingo0022/Domingo0022IWAY. Here it was IWAY guards.
  • Both of them were hidden in a temple.

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