The horribly deformed midget pig monkey leader

The Horribly Deformed Midget Pig Monkeys with Automatic Firearms are regular monkeys who claim to be horribly deformed midget pig monkeys with automatic firearms, but lack such mutations or weapons (they do not have the automatic AA-12 shotgun, or even a semi-automatic shotgun). They lived under under the rule of their former master, Devil's Hell Star. They first appeared in Thunderbirds101's Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors series, in the Season 4 Finale. The leader is voiced by Adult Male #3, American English. They also appeared briefly in the introduction to Wonka0111's series Microsoft Mike's Space Adventure before making a return in Thunderbirds101's War Trilogy.


The horribly deformed midget pig monkies have quite a personality, they are all about destruction and ruining Microsoft Sam's day.


It's leader image is from one of the Trunk Monkey advertisments.

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