The Interstellar Trilogy is a series of videos that Pieboy6000 hoped to make. The first series of this trilogy, Microsoft Sam and the Galactic War, involved an invasion of the Rofl Way Galaxy by the ancient Reaper forces. The trilogy would consist of three series. Due to a lack of interest by Pieboy6000, all series are cancelled.

Project DEFENDER is considered canon, but this series is not. While the project would have no use in a storyline without this however, Pieboy plans to come up with a way to give it some purpose, and possibly use it in a recreation of the Galactic War.

Series 1 - Microsoft Sam and the Galactic War

Microsoft Sam and the Galactic War was the first series of the trilogy. Currently 1/3 of the way completed, the series involves and invasion of the Rofl Way galaxy by the Reapers, an ancient race of synthetic beings that come by every 50,000 years to destroy spacefaring civilisations to stop "the chaos" and to let new, younger races thrive. However, their ways of doing this are brutal and horrific, usually "processing" captured races down into a genetic paste to make new Reapers. Sam and his team, Mike and Scotty along with the crew of the USS Radar Overseer, escape Roflington DC when Pelthorans attack it, and then Loldon when Reapers begin bombarding the city. They set off on their adventures around the galaxy, hoping to gain enough support to defend a secret project funded by races galaxywide, known as Project DEFENDER. It all depends on whether they can gain enough forces, and whether or not they lose anyone in the process.

This series is currently halfway done, though it has been indefinitely postponed.

Though the series is interactive with multiple endings, only one ending will actually be considered part of canon.

Series 2 - The Gatherers

A new series concieved by Pieboy. This series was to be based mainly on Mass Effect 2, before being cancelled.

Pieboy has stated this series will be less interactive than the Galactic War, only super critical choices being available. While there may be several different endings, the ending will only be truly determined in the very last episode.

A race of strange aliens is causing some trouble around the galaxy. They are sighted on many different Human colonies across the galaxy, assaulting and then taking away the humans with no trouble through indiscernable means. Microsoft Sam, having just returned from fighting in the Psychic Dominator War, is pretty exhausted. He hears news of this however, and realises it cannot be coincidence. He takes it up to Humanity's leaders, and then to the Galactic leaders for help.

Series 3 - ???

A third series was going to made for the trilogy before Pieboy realised he couldn't really go anywhere from it, and abandoned the idea shortly before cancellign the whole trilogy.

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