The Japlolese Sea Crisis was a Naval skirmish that occurred between South Koroflia and the USSR at 11:54pm (GMT+9) on Thursday, July 19th, 2012. It is unknown who fired first, however the South Koroflians ships sustained major damage as a result, 15 had been sunken. The USSR lost 5 ships in the skirmish. Pieboy stated that he is "Looking into this happening with the South Koroflian president Lee Lolng-bak as we speak, expect updates on this situation soon."

Timeline (All times are in GMT+9)

July 19th, 2012

  • 11:45pm - A USSR Naval squad departs from a port in Lolkita.
  • 11:50pm - A Koroflian naval squad departs from a port in South Koroflia.
  • 11:53pm - The squads cross by, in international waters.
  • 11:54pm - The 3 minute skirmish occurs. In this time, 15 Koroflian ships and 5 Russian ships are destroyed.
  • 11:57pm - The skirmish ends, both sides with casualties.
  • 12:00am - Both Pieboy and Lee Lolng-bak are informed of the attack. The two agree to remain peaceful in dealing with this happening.
  • 12:05am - South Koroflian and Russian search parties arrive at the engagement area and search for clues as to who fired first.


  • Both Pieboy and Lee Lolng-bak stated that "The attack was uncalled for no matter who fired first, however peaceful relations must remain to see this problem through". Koroflian and Russian search parties are looking for evidence as to who fired first. Lolng-Bak said "The payment for whoever fired first will not be in blood."

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