The Legion of the Blue People (often referred to as The Blue People) is a group of evil hypnotists that can turn anything blue evil on contact. It was created by gameyguy123 and is currently used in Season 1 of Microsoft Sam reads Epic Errors. The leader of the group is Radar Overseer Ungela (fictional), and has only made one appearance so far in the S1 Finale of Microsoft Sam reads Epic Errors.
Aim guy

A blue person

The appearance of the 'blue people' is simply an enlarged picture of's aim guy icon


The Blue People seem to have a way to exploit the colour of blue, but it is not known how. It is not known the makings and backstory of the horrible disease, and has spread to conquer a few TTS citizens so far. Below are the list of known victims:

Usage in other universes

On AceOfSpadesProduc100's FWE S1EP1, An error message told Sam that they were going to install a malicious version of Windows Blue.

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