Machine of War

The Machine of War, Fully Transformed into his Robotic Body

The Machine of War is a cybernetic being made by engineers of the ROFLian Country of Profanityland.


The Machine of War was constructed by Profanityland engineers during the final moments in The War in the ROFL Island Chain, and somehow managed to survive Operation Electromagnetic Doom and Operation Downfall. But constant malfunctions forced the technicians to stow the giant robot into a secretive industrialized country, where he would remain for 10,000 years until the Profanityland and United Lols of ROFLica Clash.

The ROFLian Blitz

+ Please Wait until the ROFLian Blitz episodes are released on Youtube +

Reactivation on Chinom

+ Please Wait until The Wave of Destruction episodes are released on Youtube +

The War for Earth 2

The Machine of War portrays the Antagonistic role in the War for Earth 2.

When Radar Overseer Scotty is targeted by the Machine of War, It forces Scotty to flee to a safe location while cloaked using a device in his pocket. This forces the Machine of war to search frantically all throughout The United LOLs of ROFLica knowing that Scotty kept The Super ROFLCopter Squad in check. It alerted Satan of the agent's disappearance, but Satan had gained the intel from his protege, Devil's Hell Star, including that a Bounty Hunter has been hired by him to find Scotty and the Super ROFLCopter Squad and stop them. It is also revealed that the machine has a very visible button on his back, that would shut him off, and kill him if the button was pryed off.

Once the Machine had SRCS leader Carlos Ray Norris and Scotty, He observed the denizens of Planet Hell proceed with an experiment to revive Norris's archenemy, Bruce Lee. Unknown of the fact that The team had taken hold of the base infantry unit shutdown codes, The Machine was caught off-guard when his army of robots was devastated.

After it took heavy fire from the Profanityland Air Fleet, SRCS members Lieutenant Taylor Maines and Officer Ian F were able to shut him down and pry the switch, causing the machine to detonate into a mass fireball of destruction {with Ian commenting on how it doesn't matter who pryed out the switch}

The Last Adversary

Five fragments of the Machine were used by the geth army {not to be confused with Pieboy6000's Geth} to rebuild a forgotten foe to assist Legion in the invasion of Hell.

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