The Madness continues is the 60th episode of Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers and the only post on July 2013.

Title Card

The Madness Continues

Upload date:

July 4, 2013

Episode Number:


Last episode:


Next episode:

To Sheesh or not to Sheesh

Tantrum count:

2 (Dave and Mr. Warner)

Barf Count:

4 (Sam, Mike, Sidney and Dave)


Robosoft 3 narrates what happened to Sam on Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers 59: Hostages, Sam took Radar Overseer Scotty hostage due to a lapse of a control freak tendencies again. Then Officer Flanigan arrested Sam on the spot for hostage-taking but Sam summons up The Devil and She-Devil to torment the characters. The She-Devil took Dave in advance, but God intervived and the iinfernal imps were sent back to their lair. Dave took over the task of directing while Sam was doing progress in the hospital.

Dave yelled "Places everyone" as usual, Sidney told Dave that they were ready.

Blooper 1: Q Shield

As Dave said "Cue Shield," the blooper from "Microsoft Sam goes Wild!" returns, the Q shield. Scotty laughed at the Q shield. Dave asked that did they do that blooper before. Hank replied yes and Guy replied that blooper first appeared at. Sidney said that Dave said "Q Shield." Dave told that was not the letter "Q" but the word "cue," and it was a WB Shield instead of the Q Shield.

Blooper 2: Wanna Bet?

After the blooper, Dave laughed simply that it was very funny.

Blooper 3: B.C.

Mike confused about the B.C., Mary wondered if they were gone back in time before Christ. Anna said that what a rush to back in time and used Sam's laugh.

Blooper 4: B.O.

Beulah asked what's a Bo Shield, Abby said that Bo knows shield. Michael said that Bo knows Diddley. Michelle asked that Bo Diddley , died already (1928-2008) had they heard the blooper. Dave singed at low sound, "Beee-ohhh!" Mike disgusted at B.O., then, he said "Pugh" and advised Dave to take a shower. Because of this, Dave threw a tantrum about Mike making jokes about his hygiene.

Blooper 5: General Electric

Mike said Gee, as if the word "GE" read together, Mary said the letters "GE." Anna said that GE brought good things to life. Dave wondered what's next -- Westinghouse.

Blooper 6: Westinghouse

The famous slogan of Westinghouse heard, "You can be sure... if it's Westinghouse."

Dave angrily yelled "NOW CUT THAT OUT!!"

Blooper 7: Be Prepared to Stop

Scotty said "Be prepared." Jimmy noted that this was the creed of the boy scouts, Hank followed to Stop, Guy and Sidney used the reference of Hamlet, "To stop, to stop or not to stop. That is the question."


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