The Microsoft Sam Show was a text-to-speech series created by Neptune Network on YouTube. The series follows Microsoft Sam and the gang (Mary and Scotty).


Microsoft Sam - The main protagonist, Sam can be caring, blunt, and weird at anytime. He has been friends with Mike ever since they were kids, and trusts him more than he does Scotty. Sam tries his best to stop Scotty from doing stupid and life-threatening contraptions.

Microsoft Mary - Both the antagonist and protagonist, Mary is kind, and very intelligent. She often provides insight to Sam and Scotty. Mary has been close friends with Mike and Sam for years, and has only known Scotty for a year. Mary hates Scotty with a passion, mostly due to him not being so smart, and always getting into trouble. While Mike on the other hand is totally the opposite.

Microsoft Mike - One of the protagonists, Mike (like Mary) is kind and intelligent.

Radar Overseer Scotty (Adult M1) - The main antagonist, Scotty is seen as dim-witted, clumsy, a pill-popper, and is frequently swearing.

Alarm Bot - The robot that enables its alarm for emergency purposes, such as fires, gas leaks, fires, and much more. It cannot speak, unlike Sir Neptune. Alarm Bot was killed in "Someone Kills Someone (Part 2)"

Sir Neptune (Robosoft 3) - One of the antagonists, the robot is always the opposite of Sam. Sir Neptune was created around the time of the development of Microsoft Neptune, but escaped when word got out that all robots related to Neptune were going to be destroyed. After a few months in hiding, Sir Neptune was found by Sam, and was given a safe home. The Neptune robots were designed to be helpful and always follow direction no matter what. Sir Neptune though, suffers from a hardware defect that causes him to be over-intelligent and a total smart-ass.

Newton Bellows (Adult M2) - One of the anchors for KWQR7 News. He suffers from glaucoma.

Season 1

Season 1 premiered on August 13th, with the episode "Pilot". New episodes premiere every other Sunday. The season stars Sam, Mary, Scotty, and Sir Neptune. Microsoft Mike guest stars in a few episodes. The production codes are formatted as: MS1xx.

Preview "Sneak Peek" (MS001):

Microsoft Sam introduces his new show, but is interrupted by a gas leak in the studio.

Episode 1 "Pilot" (MS101):

Scotty helps Sam move into his new house, but Scotty gets injured in the process. Even though Sam tries to make him feel better, Scotty is still pissed off.

Episode 2 "Dog & Butterfly" (MS105):

Sam and Mary start arguing about the pros and cons of war, which almost leads them to a war of their own. Scotty rages once again and gets put on medication.

Episode 3 "Flaunt Them Errors" (MS103):

After turning on his old computer with Windows XP on it, Sam receives his good share of error messages.

Episode 4 "He's a Lady" (MS104):

A power outage means trouble for Mike, and to add insult to injury, he is still teased about talking like a lady. Scotty buys a new VISTO Smart TV and doesn't know how to use it.

Short 1 "Typical Day at KWQR" (MS002)

A camera catches on fire at the studio... Nothing new.

Episode 5 "The Death of Scotty" (MS102):

After losing a game of Monopoly, Scotty has a breakdown and runs away. 

Episode 6 "Someone Kills Someone (Part 1)" (MS106):

Mary, Mike, Sam, Scotty, Sir Neptune, and Alarm Bot attend a nice dinner party. Things go well until someone is shot in the chest by an unknown assailant.

Episode 7 "Someone Kills Someone (Part 2)" (MS107):

The gang tries to keep Sam from bleeding out, and catch whoever shot him.

The series finale was on November 6th.


  • "Pilot" was created using Paint.NET, while all other episodes are produced in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • The most viewed episode is "The Death of Scotty" as of February 24th 2017.
  • The Microsoft Mary Show was a spin-off. TTS World is not a direct spin-off, but it does have some of the same cast.

Featured Videos

The Microsoft Sam Show - Sneak Peek01:51

The Microsoft Sam Show - Sneak Peek

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Season 1 group picture.


How about a funny accident?


Mary trying to fix the TV.


Sam being Sam...

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