The Microsoft Sam Show is a series made by Entertainment Network (now known as Alex Shulsinger). The show started on February 18, 2014. A second season was made on February 18, 2017.

Season 1

Season 1 had 7 episodes. It started on February 18, 2014 and ended on February 6, 2016. Alex Shulsinger ended the season at Episode 7 because he felt like episode 7 was terrible and needed to be the last episode. Microsoft Sam used Windows XP for most of this series, but used Windows 98 at the end.

Season 2

Season 2 started on February 18, 2017, which Alex Shulsinger didn't mean to do on purpose.

Episode 1

Episode 1 starts with Sam getting on his computer which he hasn't used in over a year. After Sam accidentally hurts its feelings, it blows up, causing Sam to have to attend to 200 hours of Microsoft Support. Later, Linux and Mac meet Sam, with Linux claiming that Sam is on his hard drive. Sam insults Mac, which attracts the Abandonware Pals to his office, kidnapping Sam and taking him to the execution room at the Abandonare Pals headquarters. The episode ends with Scotty getting on his computer, leaving a cliffhanger.


  • This series was made before The Microsoft Sam Show by Neptune Station, however, it was barely popular.
  • This is the only series by Entertainment Network to get a second season.

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