The Minecraft Uprising, was an event staged by Admiral Stacker to overthrow EASlol's communist government, The red army quickly crushed this uprising, Stacker was deemed a traitor and after being interrogated by EASlol himself, he was taken away by guards. But he broke free of the guards and ran outside where LockheedF16 along with the red army was waiting for him, The Red Army, along with Lockheed gunned Stacker down quickly. Thus, Ending this uprising. Those who were involved were executed and the town in which it origininated from, was burned to the ground, Luckilly no civilains were killed due to the fact the town was a military town. At the end of the Uprising, EASlol Stated in a speech "Let this event be a lesson to those who would attempt to overthrow Minecraft's Communist Government, those who appose will be destroyed utterly, those who serve, who serve without question and has devotion of mind and soul, will be elevated to heights beyond their immagining!"


Leaders quickly reacted to this uprising. Some expressed happiness, Some did not.

ER88 is Shocked about the uprising, but in a quote earlier, He said this. "For Stacker? Sucks to be him"

LockheedF16 said "I knew Stacker would attack. Good ridance to his face."

"This is a shocking event, but it isn't surprising, because in the end, we all knew it would happen."

-Leader TRM.

ThePermian99 had this to say. "Being an ally of EASlol, this event left me shocked. Stacker chose his own fate."

Nate Blake was shocked about this event. He said this shortly after the incident: "I'm beginning to get worried about Minecraft's new communist government. I fear that this uprising is only the beginning. I am also fearing that the AAKAW may disobey me and kill their own comrades. As of now, any Minecraft Red Army relations to the AAKAW, except the fact that the Minecraft Red Army and the AAKAW are allies, has been terminated until further notice."

Pieboy6000 and Tactic Advisor Nikolai both expressed their surprise at the uprising and Stacker's betrayal. Pieboy stated "No matter what, no matter who goes against us, Communism and Socialism will stand forever!" Lolmania and the USSR supported EASlol's decision to kill stacker for his betrayal.

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