The Minecraftian-Geroflman War begins after Minecraft Takes over LOLustria-HungLOLy. Because of this, GeROFLmany launches invasions of this annexed land. Minecraft responds by Invading the North Coast of GeROFLmany with the aid of Great LOLtain and IreLOL Forces. AdROFL HitLOL has sent in his Most advanced forces with aid of CLPA to fight off the Allies, But is ultimatly Pushed Back to the town of BremLOL, A Stalemate has developed and intense fighting is still going on. Meanwhile, VietLOL Forces invaded the southern tip of GeROFLmany, a battle has broken out in the town of LOLich, to which the GeROFLmans were crushed. VietLOL Forces are marching to BerLOL. VietLOLese Forces arrived in Berlol and are Engaging the Geroflman Soldiers at this time.

Notable Events

  • Minecraftian,LOLtish and IreLOLish forces invade The North Coast Of GeROFLmany
  • VietLOL Forces Invade the Southern Part Of GeROFLmany
  • VietLOL Defeats GeROFLmany in LOLich.
  • VietLOLese forces arrive in BerLOL and Start engaging the Nazi troops there

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