Sergeant Bonnit

Sergeant Bonnit, the leader of the Mutant Killer Rabbits of Caerbannog

The Mutant Killer Rabbits of Caerbannog look like typical rabbits at first, but most of them have Assault Rifles and SCARS, making them appear extremely intimidating to their targets. Their military leader is Sergeant Bonnit, who is a high-ranking commander and rabbit. They work under Lucow Fozerrit on a mission to put an end to Microsoft Sam, PixelartBuilder583, and anyone who is allied with those two when that mission is given. Some of the killer rabbits fight their enemies unarmed. They are the Killer Rabbits of Caerbannog of the series Microsoft Sam Plays Minecraft.

Mutant Killer Rabbits of Caerbannog


Sergeant Bonnit

Speakonia Voice

Adult Male #3 (American English)



Military Base

Bonshroom Island

Recent Events

Lucow sends the Mutant Killer Rabbits of Caerbannog to invade the southern states of the United States AND The ROFL World, which becomes Operation Southern Devastation. When the air raid sirens sound, Sam and Co. were warned that there were starships of the Mutant Killer Rabbits that were approaching for invasion. So they had to equip themselves with weapons and fight hordes of the bunnies and starships. Some starships that were incoming were shot down by FearRising with his rocket launcher. Later on, Sergeant Bonnit and some of his army commenced a terrorist attack on a village that is a mile southwest from Sam's house and detonated a bomb at the furnace area. Before the bomb blew up, Sergeant Bonnit detected Sam and Co. and kidnapped Microsoft Mike, whisking him to their underground hideout in a mushroom island labeled Bonshroom Island (the island was never named at Microsoft Sam Plays Minecraft Season 3). While Sam and Co. were searching for Mike, they were spotted by Sergeant Bonnit and escorted to a trap he thought would kill them. However, the whole gang survived. Fire and Robert had severe injuries and needed to be healed as soon as possible. When the gang rescued Mike, Bonnit caught them again, enabling Mike to kill the sergeant. They made their great escape soon after by eliminating all the Killer Rabbits and liberating Bonshroom Island.

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