The Mutant Penguin Storm is a fictional weather anomaly created by Thunderbirds101.


Unknown. Some believe it to be a combination of Earth 2's atmosphere, but others claim it to be the works of Zombiemingo0088. Scientists have wondered why the Storm is so disasterous, and how it originated. No real answer has been specified. It is a mystery.

Devastation and Destruction

The Storm has killed more than 9,000 civilians, and injured over 100,000. The estimated damage the Storm has caused is said to be in the quadrillions. Nothing can stop the Storm, and nothing can keep it from harming, or possibly killing anyone else. Scientists say that the Storm will continue to orbit around Earth 2 until it dissipates, or something can be created to destroy it.

EAS Recording 

Thunderbirds101 posted a video on YouTube warning the countries that have not yet been hit by the Storm to take cover in the nearest fallout shelter, and also noted not to hide in the bathrooms due to the Storm affecting the toilets, causing them to flood over with diarrhea. 

Xtranormal Shortie Breaking News Update on The Mutant Penguin Storm

Xtranormal Shortie Breaking News Update on The Mutant Penguin Storm

XNN Broadcast on The Mutant Penguin Storm.

Storm Agression

The Storm's agression got worse after Thunderbirds101 updated the upper-right video warning the hit countries to prepare for the Storm's second arrival. Holland, China, Tokyo, Paris, Italy, Afghanistan, Berlin, Warsaw, Bucharest, Budapest, Kishinev, Tiraspol were hit also. Supermariogeek7979 posted a news report from the city of Xtranormal on Novemebr 25th, 2009 about The Storm's path of destruction, and where it's going next. Right in the middle of the broadcast, a report came in through Headline Harold's ear piece, telling him about the Storm leaving Earth 2.

It hit Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto 3 hours later.

You can see the broadcast on the right.

Return to Earth

After its journey in Space, The Penguin Storm returned to Earth in early December, and is ripping through the United States.

A solution to stop the Storm is being decided by Akriloth Information Robots.