The Oblivion Plague is a biological weapon of mass destruction engineered by the United States of America. It is an extremely advanced weapon for its distinct ability to infect both living and technological entities. The weapon is currently in the prototype stages, but remains extremely dangerous. It is regarded as the only weapon on Earth 2 that is more powerful than the Tsar Lola.


The bioweapon utilizes robotic bacteria to infect both the living and technology, a feat unheard of in the weaponry field. The bacteria are microscopic in size and cannot be seen with the naked eye. The bacteria can travel easily across any surface, able to withstand the pressure of the ocean depths, extreme heat and cold, and even nuclear explosions. The only vulnerability the bacteria possesses is its vulnerability to an electromagnetic pulse, which instantly destroys the bacteria's electronic systems, rendering them permanently inoperable.

Infection - Living Entities

Infection from the bacteria can begin with only skin contact. Once in contact, the bacteria release toxins that infilitrate the blood stream through the pores of the skin. The victim quickly begins to show symptoms that are reminiscient of necrotizing fasciitis. However, they quickly progress into symptoms similar to the Ebola virus within twenty-four hours after infection. The toxins attack all respiratory, circulatory, and nervous systems until they are all destroyed within thirty-six to forty-eight hours after initial infection, in which a slow and painful death occurs. There is no treatment or cure if the toxins infect the body.

Infection - Computers and Technology

If the bacteria attacks a computer or other similar system, it does not release toxins, but instead releases viruses and spyware into the system's hard drive by connecting to the system via USB or other similar input. The virus collects all information on the hard drive and then systematically destroys the PC by sabotaging the cooling units, causing the PC to overheat to dangerous levels and catch fire. Before destroying the computer, it wipes the hard drive with a small electromagnetic pulse so any remnants of data cannot be recovered when it is destroyed.

Nations possessing the Oblivion Plague

Only one nation has this weapon - the United States of America. The stockpiles are kept under maximum security twenty-four hours a day in a secret location within the country. If the weapons were to fall into terrorist or Communist Linux Penguin Army hands, the results would be cataclysmic.

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