The Paroflis Conference is a conference to be held in Paroflis, Froflance at the end of WWIII. The purpose of the conference is to prevent another war of this magnitude from ever happening again. The meeting will be between the allied powers and the former CLPA Nations; as far as most know the countries that allied with the CLPA will not be punished due to The Supreme AI deciving them. However, there will be limits discussed.

The conference has begun with a majority of the nations in Earth 2 in attendence, mostly the allied forces.

Countries Expected To Be Present

The Big Three

  • United Speakonian Soviet Republic
  • United Lols of Roflica
  • Great Loltain

Other Countries

  • Chinom
  • Vietlol
  • Italoly
  • Austroflia
  • Geroflmany
  • Japlol
  • Mexilol
  • Lolzil
  • Turkloly
  • Lolbodia
  • Froflance
  • Lolgium

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