It's a Pokétch! It's a Pokédex! It's the PokéTab!
- A. Ketchum, "The PokéTab for Trainers Start Guide"
The PokéTab


V.32 (Trainer Edition), V.41 (Citizen Edition)


Communications and Information


Varies, common colors include Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Black


K-Corp Labs (Ash K.)

The PokéTab is one of the first known pieces of K-Corp technology. Primarily used by the people of Kanto, this handy wrist-based device functions as a cellular device, a Pokémon Watch (Pokétch), and a pokédex on models designed for Trainers. 


Created by Sasha's father, the PokéTab was built so that Trainers and other Kantish citizens didn't "have to carry so many electronics with them." Many have been created, but all units use the same firmware, only with a different TabAI companion in each unit to differentiate it from the rest.



The K-Corp document describing the PokéTab (Citizen Edition)

The PokéTab has two different "models": the Trainer edition and the Citizen edition.

Trainer Edition

The Trainer Edition has the common Cell and Pokétch modes, but also a third Pokédex mode. Typically, the TabAIs in Trainer Edition units are more suited towards educational use, such as reading Pokédex entries out for young Trainers who find a new Pokémon on their adventure. Common colors for Trainer Editions include Red, Blue, and Yellow, though Gold and Silver colored ones have been released. If a Trainer Edition PokéTab has a Professor-Grade TabAI installed, then that PokéTab will gain extra features, such as access to the "Discovery SDK" where Professors can program any new Pokémon discovered and send the data out to every Trainer Edition PokéTab as a "Poké Alert"

Citizen Edition

Citizen Edition lacks the Pokédex mode seen in the Trainer Edition units, but also has access to more citizen-oriented features, such as Contest Ratings, and access to certain television stations and in-range radio programs. TabAIs in Citizen Edition units have the capability to read out the news, current Contest Ratings, as well as read out texts from contacts. The wrist strap on Citizen Edition models also doubles as a wall mount. A sub-model of the Citizen Edition exists, known as Business Edition. Business Edition models are more business-heavy, with emphasis on VoIP and group meeting functionality. TabAIs in this edition branch are keen to reminding their owners about things relating to the company that owns that TabAI package.

Notable PokéTab Units

While few PokéTab units are special one way or the other, a select few make a big impact.

  • PokéTab #151T "Radar pokeDEX (RaDEX)" - Used by Sasha herself, and runs on modified firmware created using the Zexil SDK. The TabAI, Dexy, is an upgraded version of the Professor-Grade AI base, and has been modified to alert Sasha of incoming enemies utilising sensors.
  • PokéTab #41D "Crunchy" - Used by Sasha's father, Crunchy did not run on modified firmware but ran on a specially-built debugging PokéTab unit. Widely considered the first of the "sentient" TabAIs.
  • PokéTab #1T "Dexter" - The very first PokéTab, a rebuilding of Ash's old Pokédex from Kanto.
  • PokéTab #410D "Starlight" - Information unknown, though Sasha says "this AI will be integral to the future of MNSTR."
  • PokéTab #2D "Brick" - The first PokéTab to self-brick. To this day, no one knows why.
  • PokéTab #15B "GRAMPS" - Used by an old antagonist. The TabAI rests somewhere in the K-Corp AI Archives.
  • PokéTab #2B "Baguette" - Used by a crime leader prior to his arrest, this is the only PokéTab unit to have ever been modified by someone other than a K-Corp official, as Baguette is a custom TabAI desgined for Team Rocket use.

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