The Psychic Dominator Disaster, was a major event that began on 8/5/13 when Yuri surfaced after the Terrorist Attack in Loldon on 1/27/13. Yuri's forces took Lolcatraz Island in the ULR and activated 2 of his Psychic Dominator Devices that took over 1/3 of Lolrope from the deotnation zones in Froflance and Lolgium. The Countries that fell due to the Psychic Dominator's were Froflance, Spenguin, Portuglol, Geroflmany, Italol, Switzerlol, Lolguim, and Lolmania. 

Events Timeline

  • 8/5/13 The Psychic Domiantors In Lolgypt and Polol'd are detonated forcing 1/3 of Lolrope and a large portion of Lolfrica under Yuri's Control
  • 8/6/13 The GDI forces are given the command to fire the ion cannon at the Psychic Dominator on Lolcatraz Island. The Dominator deploys however just as the Ion Cannon fires down. The resulting combination of the ion particle beam and the psychic energy causes an enormous chain reaction within the Psychic Dominator, causing an incredibly amplified explosion, destroying Soi Francisco and flattening approximately half of Caliroflia. The total death toll is around 22 million people.

World Leaders Reactions

EASlol, the leader of The Republic Of Minecraft had this to say.

"Today, August 5th, 2013. Unspeakable evil was unleashed in Lolrope and parts of Lolsia and Lolfrica. Yuri will be brought to justice for his crimes and his Psychic Dominator Network will be reduced to nothing. Mark my words."

Pieboy6000, Russian leader, simply said:

"Initiating Global Defense, do not worry."

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