The ROFL Island Chain is a chain of islands in the south Atloltic ocean, one hundred miles southeast of Flolida. The island chain is owned by the United LOLs of ROFLica. The island chain is divided up into several islands. The main island plays host to most of the tourist resorts, as well as a radar outpost owned by the United LOLs of ROFLica that serves as an early warning system for attacks.

Ths series by Thunderbirds101, The War in the ROFL Island Chain, took place primarily on this island. It appeared briefly during Episode 1 of The Great Final War.

The ROFL Island Chain
ROFL Island Chain flag
The ROFL Island Chain's flag.

Owner state

United LOLs of ROFLica

Free or occupied?



Microsoft Sam

The ROFL Island Chain

The ROFL Island Chain's main island.


The ROFL Island Chain once belonged to no country, until the United LOLs of ROFLica claimed it in 2009. The ROFL Island Chain remained a peaceful land, with a few tourist resorts popping up on the main island. The ULR, meanwhile, established a radar outpost, manned by Radar Overseer Cooper.

The War in the ROFL Island Chain

Four months after the conclusion of the War in the Republic of My, the ROFL Island Chain was invaded by the Soviet Lulz Brigade and North Koroflia. The invasion was in retaliation for a ULR-spearheaded covert assault on North Koroflia that was foiled by a satellite laser attack. The coalition seized the island chain for several days, until the Supreme AI was rebuilt, who converted the Soviet Lulz Brigade soldiers into the reborn Communist Linux Penguin Army.

The United Lols of Roflica retook the islands several days into the war, wiping out the communist penguins and liberating the island chain, but their victory was very short-lived; immediately after, Operation Downfall occurred and ravaged Earth 2, setting the stage for a great final war.

Alternate universes

In AceOfSpadesProduc100's universe, It is the homeplace of Officer Rosie.