The Radar Overseer Scotty Show

Type of Series

Comedy, but nothing FWE related

Main Cast

Radar Overseer Scotty, Bacon, more to be announced later

Debut Date


Last Episode Air Date

9/15/2015 (Season 2 Teaser)

Current Season:


The Radar Overseer Scotty Show is a video series that was started by nkrs200 on April 16th, 2014. It is the only series that Radar Overseer Scotty actually is the main character in.

Season 1 (Pilot Season)

Season 1 Premiered on April 16th in conjunction with Microsoft Sam reads Funny News Bulletins Season 2 Episode 5. It was the shortest episode out of the whole season so far. Nkrs200 later stated that the next episode (called Bacon's Shenanigans) was suppose to have been released on June 19th, 2014 as an individual video, but it didn't get past the developing stage due to nkrs200's Funny Windows Errors, but it may end up debuting on July 12, 2014 instead. (More information will be added later on.)

Season 1 Episode List

  1. Pilot / The Quest for the Lost City of Baloneyville
  2. Bacon's Shenanigans
  3. Boredom
  4. Chocolate Milk
  5. Chocolate Milk Part 2
  6. Scotty's Second Video

Series Transfer

As of September 15, 2015, nkrs200 is not premiering new episodes of The Radar Overseer Scotty Show. Instead, he has transferred the ownership of this series to a new channel on YouTube called ThoseTwoLatis, an unused joint TTS Channel between nkrs200 and Ducky "BitchDuck" Ducklett

Main Characters

This list is currently incomplete. Please help this wiki by adding on to this list.

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