The Republic of Aquila
Republic of Aquila flag.


Jared Lincoln



Military Leader

Herman Potato

Political Ideology

Military Dictatorship


English, Engrish


United States of America, Republic of My



The Republic of Aquila is a United States of America-controlled military-ruled nation in Northern Africa. Formerly known as the Western Sahara, the disputed territory was seized by the United States of America after reports emerged the territory was being used as a safehouse for Communist Linux Penguin Army spies. The capital city, formerly known as El-Aaiún, is Altair.


In the early morning hours of August 24, 2012, an American radar outpost on Bermuda island intercepted communications indicating the Western Sahara was being used as a safehouse for Communist Linux Penguin Army soldiers. In response, a task force of twenty Roflcopters attacked the disputed territory, annexing the Republic of Cape Verde as well as the Spanish-owned Canary Islands. Spain and Cape Verde expressed outrage at the move, but Microsoft Sam brushed off the objections, stating that the attacks and conquering of islands were necessary steps to cripple the CLPA's ability to use Africa as a safe haven. By dawn, the nation fell, with all CLPA agents killed by Roflcopter attacks. American forces suffered no casualties in the attack.

Following the Great European Invasion, the USA attacked Morocco, annexing it and giving it to Aquila to allow better connections with the newly-annexed USA territories in Europe.


AQUILA is a constellation in the night sky, and is Latin for 'Eagle'.

ALTAIR is the brightest star in Aquila.

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