The Republic of Roblox
Republic of Roblox Flag
Motto: What will you Build?




65,578,675 (2013 Census)

Constitutional form:



United States of America, Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, France, The Republic of Minecraft, Germany, Brazil, Nigeria, China.


North Korea, The Communist Linux Penguin Army

Capital City

Roblox City

The Republic of Roblox is a Nation About 150 Miles east off the Coast of the United States of America and around 500 Miles off The Republic of Minecraft.


  • Roblox City (Capital City)
  • Blox City
  • Tricky City
  • Nashaside
  • Minecraft City (Yeah there is a city called that don't ask why!)
  • Bloxaco
  • Twin City
  • Middlebrow
  • Usetry
  • Tonaer
  • Iderta
  • Gemster
  • New bloxxers City
  • Block angeles
  • Noobville
  • The town of robloxia
  • Sonic City
  • Overton City
Roblox Republic Map

Map of the Country. Each Province is colored differently and it's Capital is shown. NOTICE: Map is not to scale and is likely that this map will change overtime.

Tourist attractions

The Following are Tourist attractions.

Tricky Towers

Picture of the Tricky Towers. Yeah we know it looks like the Original World Trade Center but is not.


  • Tricky Towers
  • Roblox City International airport.
  • Roblox World headquarters
  • The crossroads
  • Sword fight on the heights
  • Innovation research labs
  • Pinewoods builders Headquarters

More Coming Soon!

National Parks



Roblox Republic Map - Highways

Same as before but with the Highways Marked. Also This might change over time!

Under Construction. Please Check back later!



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