The Robot Thing, as he will appear in The Ultimate Price

The Robot Thing is a deciever who is known for his evilness and his adorableness, but is always assumed as a nuisance. He is the secret main antagonist in The Ultimate Price: the Last film of the Super ROFLCopter Squad Anthology.

The Robot Thing is voiced by AT&T Mike


The Robot Thing's origins are shrouded in absolute mystery. All that is known is that he was created by The Machine LiBortni: The older brother of The Machine of War.


The Robot Thing was first seen assisting Kiril Linuxov in tracking down Linux Craig on his trek to flee the Supreme AI's grasp. He succeeded, as he brought the Paladin and Linux Craig's map to Mars back to the Supreme AI's lair. Linuxov was surprised by this, but soon became concerned when he heard that Craig and his team were rescued by the Money-hungry tycoon, Alex Rofl. the Robot thing was never seen again, but was beleived to have kept serving under his wing until The Supreme AI's original destruction. The Robot Thing left Linuxov's forces soonafter his injuries were sustained on Titan, and he eventually became a  military asset for the cunning Devil's Hell Star, who he assumed as his new assistant robot. In The War in Santa LOLica, The Robot Thing is shown briefly serving alongside The Army of Hell's Servants. However, he was not shown during the overtake of the AoHS's home planet, Hell. As the Machine LiBortni may have rescued him beforehand.

Killing his own Brother

The Machine LiBortni was discovered years after Carlos Ray Norris had retired from The Super ROFLCopter Squad, and he made responsible the revival of many of MovieGuruThe and Thunderbirds101's TTS villains. (TB101 Versions of Satan and Devil's Hell Star, Droidsabre, Krank Shot Krack, MuckoIvan Drago, Natural Microsoft Sam, and many others) But it was soon revealed that LiBortni was being controlled by his little brother: The Robot Thing, and he soon came to his senses, but at the wrong time, when The Robot Thing killed him with a bazooka infected with The Really Sucky Virus.

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