The Milky Way Galaxy

Artist's concept of the ROFL Way

NOTE: This article was originally plagarized from Wikipedia, but has since been fixed and the offender has been struck down by the banhammer for his crimes.

The Rofl Way Galaxy is the most well-known galaxy in the TTS Universe. It contains planets such as Earth 2, Jupiter 7, Soiturrana and many, many more.


Like the original universe before it, the Rofl Way is believed to have formed out of a gaseous explosion in the universe, with many similarities. However, on October 3, 2009, the Diarrhea Death Star destroyed the Earth, which ultimately led to the few survivors fleeing to Earth 2. It is believed that sometime in the future, a galaxy called Loldromeda will collide with the Rofl Way, forming the largest galaxy in the universe. This isn't expected for at least three billion years, however.

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