The Roflian Country of Profanityland


Elective Monarchy




Prince Grif (2013 - Present)


The United Lols of Roflica, The Republic of My, Koroflia.


The Soviet Lulz Brigade, The Great Loltain Rogues, The United Lols of Roflica Defects, The Geth Army, The Machine of War, The Army of Hell's Servants. The Stalebread Armies

Current Status:

Post-War Cleanup

The Roflian Country of Profanityland is an island kingdom, the biggest of an island chain near the United Speakonian Soviet Republic. They are an elective monarchy, and stand on the neutral ground. 


The country formed when an eighteen-year old woman became angry over a cheating ex-boyfriend. The first order she gave was to find and quarter said individual. She first led the country as a military dictatorship, but as time progressed, The woman turned the government to elective monarchy. She then met another man, and after their marriage, made him the leader of the air fleets, after noticing some previous experiences he had in flight.


The country is armed with many militia groups, most notably, the Slang Soldier Commandos, and the WTF fighter jets of the Roflian Air Fleets. They were going to also construct hulking mechs that would provide excellent defenses for the country, but the queen immediately felt that they were intimidating and too powerful. So the machines were destroyed, but a survivor of these mechs was abandoned.

The Roflian Blitz

The country was a major area of the Roflian Blitz, after John Hillard secretly reactivated the Machine of War, along with several commandos of the Stalebread Army, and blamed Microsoft Sam for reactivating him. Thus, the Queen declared war on the United Lols of Roflica, confusing president Thunderbirds101 and General Sam. But after the formation of The Super Roflcopter Squad and a bit of reasoning, The Roflian island kingdom sided with the ULR and sought to take down the ones responsible for reactivating the Machine of War.

The ULR forces were devastated very quickly, as Mindmelter released a nuclear haze gas on the island, killing thousands of ULR soldiers. But after Microsoft Sam was killed by Carlos Ray Norris out of anger, Hillard and Mindmelter retreated back to their HQ in Loldon, to prepare another strike, while the Machine of War was deactivated and dropped into the AtLoltic ocean.

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