The SMaRT Project, also known as the Switzerland Military Rapid Transportation, is a series of highways that were built as overpasses only to allow any tall vehicles to travel on the highway that would not make it under a typical bridge. The highway has designated oversized vehicle exits and entrance ramps every 10 miles to allow very tall military vehicles (that are about 40 to 60 meters in height) to travel at high speeds.

The Central Idea of the Project

Only a small majority of the freeways have been completed, but are not heavily used. This is due in part to the fact that no nation along the northern, western, southern, and eastern borders have built their freeways. When those nations complete their freeways, people can easily travel between capitals of nations with ease.

Planned Freeways

  • North Border Freeway

Freeways in Construction

  • East Border Freeway (Freeway 3)

Completed Freeways

  • West Border Freeway (Freeway 1)
  • South Border Turnpike (Freeway 2)
  • Capitol Loop Freeway (Freeway 101)

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