The remains of a building in LOLscow after the Nazis raid on the city.

The Second Great War is the war fought in Microsoft Sam: Road to Glory. The war broke out on December 23rd, 2014, almost a year after the outbreak of LOL War 1. It started during the USSR's victory parade in LOLscow, where Pieboy6000, Sam, Mike, and Radar Overseer Scotty were about to celebrate a new alliance between the United LOLs of ROFLica and the USSR. Before the festivities were to begin, an airstrike from what was most likely the United Speakonian Nazi Empire put an abrupt halt to the parade. Nazi soldiers started surrounding the city, and soon LOLscow was engulfed in flames.

Soon after the attack, the ULR, Canada, and France declared war on the Nazis, with Great LOLtain following suit. Virussia declared war on the USSR, and the Republic of Minecraft declared war on North KoROFLia. North KoROFLia fell after their economy collapsed, ending their involvement in the war. They were consumed by VietLOL. Virussia soon followed with their economic collapse later in the year. They were consumed by the USSR.

In May 2015, the Nazis launched countless attacks on the USSR. Soon after the Nazis got a hold of the USSR's nukes. They launched them all at once and destroyed major cities all over Earth 2. The Nazis now control almost 75% of LOLrope.


The Allied Powers in the Second Great War

Allied Powers

The Allied Powers as of June 2016 consist of the United LOLs of ROFLica, Great LOLtain, the Arab League, France, the LOLfrican Empire, Prussia, the Republic of Minecraft, Spain, the Czech Republic, Poland, and the USSR.

The United LOLs of ROFLica and the USSR have the most men and weapons out of the Allied nations, with the ULR having over 2 million men and over 1.5 million tanks, and the USSR having 5 million men and over 3.5 million tanks.

Axis Powers

The Axis Powers as of June 2016 consist of the United Speakonian Nazi Empire, the United Speakonian Roman Empire, and VietLOL. The United Speakonian Nazi Empire has the most men and weapons out of the Axis nations, with 6.5 million men and over 4 million tanks.


The Axis Powers in the Second Great War

Official Story of the War

The war first starts after the Allied Powers consisting of the United LOLs of ROFLica, Great LOLtain, and the USSR defeat both the Axis of Evil and the United Speakonian Nazi Empire to win the First Great War (unofficially named LOL War 1). The remaining Nazi forces who didn't surrender took 2 months underground to rebuild their army. However, they would not have the assistance from the Axis of Evil this time, as resistance was crushed by the Arab League and the USSR. The Nazis, alone and without an alliance to assist them, make a bold move. On December 23rd, 2014 the Nazis attacked the city of LOLscow during a Soviet victory parade. The city was bombarded by artillery and was bombed from the air. The Nazis soon pulled back after the damage was done to regroup.

The following morning, the Fuhrer of the Nazi Empire, Rudolf Ulbricht Von Sturmgeist, was given news of a swift victory. He immediately plans to invade all of LOLrope with what he has. His forces regroup, and after a speech from Sturmgeist in BerLOL, march into Poland.

Official Map, Start of War

The map of LOLrope during the beginning of the war.

Poland (black on map) can't fight alone due to its small army and lack of resources. Roman Polko, the leader of the Polish armed forces, calls for the aid of Great LOLtain (blue on map) and Prussia (dark purple on map). Resistance holds off most of the Nazi attacks and the Nazis are finally driven back as LOLtish and Prussian forces crush the Nazi front line and scatter the remaining forces into retreat. A coalition force backed by the United LOLs of ROFLica (not on map), led by Captain John Ellis, also aid the allied forces in the attempt to push back Nazi forces.

After this battle, France (white on map) declares war on the Nazis after peace talks between Sturmgeist and French leader Charles De LOL go sour. Neither France or De LOL was interested in making peace with, as De LOL said, "someone who carelessly attacks for his own greed". The Nazis declare war on France, who has already prepared for a conflict with the Nazis. De LOL assembles his Grande Armee and moves to the French border, at a place called Bloody Gulch. The battle starts to swing in the favor of the Nazis and their larger, much more powerful tanks. The French are mostly equipped with the Renault FT-17 tank, which is only intended for infantry support. The FT-17s are destroyed at a rapid pace. However, help from the USSR (grey on map) arrives. Soviet leader Pieboy6000 sends his Red Army to assist the French and trap the Nazis in a two-way battle. The Red Army destroys most of the Nazi tanks and pushes the Nazis to surrendering.


A Renault FT-17 tank used in the Battle of Bloody Gulch.

The Nazis aren't worried about the defeats in Poland and France however, as the Nazi army is rapidly growing in numbers and vehicles. Sturmgeist shifts focus to Great LOLtain and intends to attack the south coast. LOLtish resistance is crushed on the coastline during the first half hour of the attack. A small force led by the United LOLs of ROFLica, and their leader, Microsoft Sam, look to trap the Nazis in a two-way counterattack with the LOLtish coastal defense. The attack is spearheaded by Lieutenant James Patterson, who commands a ROFLican M10 Wolverine tank destroyer with Scotty, another ROFLican soldier, in the tank with him. They manage to gain ground, but soon, things take a turn for the worst. Patterson's M10 is being peppered with armor-piercing bullets and anti-tank rounds. He knows that this is the end, so he commands Scotty to ram a Nazi light tank, hoping to cause an explosion big enough to eliminate Nazi forces around the area. Patterson rams the light tank with brute force while firing a high-explosive round into the open turret of the tank. The explosion kills Patterson, as well as the crew of the Nazi tank and all nearby Nazi troops. The only survivor, Scotty, is rushed to a nearby medical tent for treatment. The Allied Powers declare victory, but at a cost. The battle cost the lives of over 70,000 Allied troops consisting of ROFLican and LOLtish troops, as well as over 4,000 French Foreign Legionaries stationed in Great LOLtain.

Patterson's funeral was attended the following week, in LOLchester, Great LOLtain. It marked the end of the Patterson era of ROFLican warfare. Patterson was the most decorated soldier in the ROFLican army and had the most confirmed kills over any ROFLican soldier in history.

The Allied forces move on without him, but the Nazis have a different plan. Sturmgeist had been informed by a Nazi spy that the Soviets were mass producing portable nukes which had the power to destroy major parts of most cities. Sturmgeist was also informed by his spy that Charles De LOL and Pieboy6000 were heading to the Soviet border to discuss an alliance. Sturmgeist calls for the production of a large and powerful tank that would destroy all before it, and on May 11th, 2015 he gets his wish. The new tank was codenamed "Tiger" and had an 88 millimeter gun that was capable of destroying all allied tanks. At this moment Sturmgeist promotes one of his most-decorated tank commanders, Michael Wittmann. Wittmann is now in charge of commanding the Nazis first-ever Tiger battalion. The Tigers advance towards the USSR border and smash all Soviet resistance, and Wittmann captures De LOL and Pieboy6000.

Tiger 1

Michael Wittmann's Tiger tank crashing through Soviet resistance near the Soviet border.

De LOL and Pieboy6000 are brought back to BerLOL as Sturmgeist interrogates them about the portable nukes. De LOL refuses to tell Sturmgeist anything and is shot in the arm. Pieboy6000 eventually and reluctantly hands Sturmgeist the remote that controls the nukes. Sturmgeist launces all of them at once, as many major Allied cities take severe damage from the hits.

The Nazis later form an alliance with 2 nations to form the new Axis Powers: the United Speakonian Roman Empire (light purple on map) and VietLOL (red on Pacific map). This is the point where the war also shifts to the Pacific.

Official Map, Start of War (Pacific)

The Pacific map at the start of the Pacific War. Countries involved are the USSR (grey), the Arab League (dark green), VietLOL (red), and the Republic of Minecraft (blue-purple).

The Pacific war began on June 3rd 2015, as the Republic of Minecraft (blue-purple on Pacific map), the USSR (grey on Pacific Map), and the Arab League (dark green on Pacific map) declare war on VietLOL (red on Pacific map). The nations remained at war, but dormant. Both sides are waiting for the other to attack first.

On the LOLropean side, the Nazis launched a second attack on Poland. However, this time the Polish were backed up by all allied nations in the area, as the Czech Republic (gold on LOLrope map) has entered the war as an ally to the Polish, Prussians, and Soviets. The Allied forces form a line on the Polish-Czech border, hoping to push the Nazis back one more time, as they did several months earlier. However, the Nazis were well equipped this time and smashed through Polish forces. Poland and Prussia would later merge due to the heavy Polish losses. However, the Nazis still destroyed them without much effort. Poland and Prussia would surrender on June 6th, 2015. The Nazis also destroyed Czech resistance, and on June 10th, 2015 Czech leader Josef Becvar announced his surrender to the Nazis.

Post Polish/Prussian and Czech Defeat


LOLrope after the Nazis defeated Poland, Prussia, and the Czech Republic.

After the Nazis defeated Poland, Prussia, and the Czech Republic, Spain (yellow on LOLrope map) declared war on the Nazis, as well as the LOLfrican empire (light green on LOLrope map) and the Arab League (dark green on LOLrope map).

The Nazis had their sights set on France, as Charles De LOL and his Grande Armee were ready. However, due to Nazi attacks on French supply lines, France was ill-equipped and ill-prepared for a full-scale Nazi attack. Over 700,000 soldiers from the Nazi SS Das Reich division crushed French defenses using their lightning-fast shock warfare tactic that was designed to lay suppressing fire on the enemy while on the move. The tactic worked well as the Nazis pushed the French back into Paris where on July 1st, 2015 Charles De LOL surrendered France to the Nazis.


LOLrope after the French surrender.

The French surrender has forced Spain to go on the offensive. Spanish leader El Cid launches a full-scale assault on the Nazi-occupied cities of France. The assault however is a total disaster. The Spanish lose 3/4 of their army in the attacks. The ill-equipped and outnumbered Spanish army now has to defend their country from a full-scale Nazi invasion. The Nazis defeat the Spanish before they even set foot in Madrid, Spain's capital. On July 7th, 2015 Spanish leader El Cid surrenders to the Nazis.


LOLrope after the Spanish surrender.

While the Spanish surrender was a great accomplishment for the Nazis, it left them drained of their supplies. Desperate, they look towards the USSR for supplies. The Nazi forces on the Eastern front are well-supplied and are waiting for the Nazis from the west to aid them on their assault.

Meanwhile, with most of the major Allied powers surrendered, the United Speakonian Roman Empire is ready to execute their assault on the LOLfrican Empire. At this moment, Yakubu Gowon, the leader of the LOLfrican Empire, declares war on the Romans. This triggers a Roman invasion of east LOLfrica. Within 2 weeks, the Romans captured 3 of the LOLfricans' most oil-rich provinces: Delta, Heptanomia, and Thebais. The Romans established fortifications and outposts to train more troops and attack further.


LOLfrica after the Romans took 3 of their provinces.

The Roman Arab Legion, led by Hadrian, marched forward into the gold-rich province of Nubia and crushed all resistance there. The Arab Legion then took over the provinces of Kush, Locus Blemmyae, and Aetheopia. By August 9th, 2015 the Romans had full control of the northeastern part of LOLfrica.


LOLfrica after the Romans took the remaining northeastern provinces.


LOLfrica after the Axis invasion of the north coast.

The Romans halted their attack until cooler weather came in. On October 7th, the Romans attacked the north coast with the aid of the Nazis and their LOLfrica Korps. The Romans took most of the coast and the Nazis took the northwest part of LOLfrica. By October 29th, all conquered territory was fully in the hands of the Axis powers. Afterwards, there was a long break in the war that lasted from November 1st, 2015 to September 26th, 2016. During this break, both the Allied and Axis Powers regrouped and rebuilt their forces. Great LOLtain became the primary headquarters for the western allies, and the USSR became the primary headquarters for the eastern Allies. Resistance groups were formed in Spain, France, and Poland, while remaining Prussian and Czech forces migrated to the USSR. The war became a struggle for the Allies, considering most of their main routes had been taken by the Axis forces. Great LOLtain, the USSR, and the LOLfrican Empire had their communications cut off by the Axis forces. The USSR and the Arab League were the only 2 Allied nations in LOLrope who had communication with each other.

Japan declares independence from the USSR

On September 27th, 2016, Japan officially declared independence from the USSR. This was carried out by Japanese Imperial Army leader Hideki Tojo as an attempt to break ties from the USSR and join VietLOL in the Pacific war. Japan began crushing resistance as early as 8 AM on September 27th. The guns went silent at 9 PM the same day. After the fighting was over, Japan claimed victory. The Imperial Japanese Army immediately formed an alliance with the Axis Powers.

Axis SEP 27 2016

The Axis Powers after Japan joined them on September 27th, 2016.

On October 7th, 2016 the Japanese launched the first offensive in the Pacific campaign, as they took control of South KoROFLia, which was one of the USSR's most well-supplied territories. The battle took both sides to the last man, as one Japanese sniper had been picking off Soviet soldiers the whole time. He was never found by the Red Army, as all USSR soldiers were killed. Reinforcements came a few hours later and took South KoROFLia as a Japanese stronghold.
Pacific war map SEP 27 2016

The Pacific map after Japan gained independence from the USSR.

The Japanese occupation of South KoROFLia meant access to ample supplies and weapons for the Japanese Imperial Army. These supplies consisted of tanks, field guns, artillery, rifles, and warehouses full of ammunition. It also gave the Japanese the technology to scope the battlefield out by satellite images, something they were previously never able to do while under Soviet occupation. The Japanese soon had their sights set on North KoROFLia, who had collapsed due to their poor economy and had been consumed by the USSR. The Japanese plan was to lend money to North KoROFLia and annex them from the USSR, and in return, help Japan's effort in the Pacific campaign.

The Pacific map after Japan's takeover of South KoROFLia.

This idea was well-received by former North KoROFLian leader Kim Jong LOL, who wanted a way out of Soviet occupation. A treaty had been signed by the Japanese Imperial Army and the Free North KoROFLian Coalition on October 8th, 2016. The treaty stated that all land was to be given back to North KoROFLia with Japanese funding and support after annexation from the USSR, and in return, North KoROFLia was to join the Axis Powers in the war.

Resistance forms in LOLrope

On October 9th, 2016 the resistance groups of Spain, France, Prussia, and the Czech Republic began revolting against the Nazis. The Free Prussian Forces became the first resistance group in LOLrope to fight the Nazis head-on. In a decisive battle on October 10th, 2016 at the outskirts of Mittengard, a major Prussian outpost before the war, the Prussian forces fought hard, but were outnumbered and defeated by Nazi forces outside the city.

The Prussians were forced to defend their last stronghold left after a Nazi advance on October 14th, 2016. Nazi and Prussian forces fought almost to the last man, but under the command of Prussian leader Kaiser Wilhelm II, the Prussians won the battle and maintained their stronghold.

Expansion in the Pacific Campaign

On October 15th, 2016 the Pacific campaign expanded by 2 countries. The Republic of Fordorsia (orange on Pacific map) and the Oceanic Empire (olive green on Pacific map) have joined the war. The Oceanic Empire, already having good relations with the Republic of Minecraft, joined the Allied Powers. The Republic of Fordorsia, who was a Fascist nation with good relations to the United Speakonian Nazi Empire, joined the Axis Powers.


The bottom half of the Pacific map with Fordorsia and the Oceanic Empire.

Fordorsia had been on the fence about joining the war when the Oceanic Empire joined. Fordorsia and the Oceanic Empire were never on good terms with each other, having fought 2 wars between the nations in the past, the First Oceanic War and the Second Oceanic War. Both wars ended in Oceanic victories. Fordorsia was hoping that Axis support would help them finally destroy their hated enemies once and for all.

On October 17th, 2016 Japan attacked the USSR in the Battle for North KoROFLia. The fighting was fierce as both sides took heavy casualties. Japan's Banzai attack in their final wave broke through the soviet defenses, and Japan was able to liberate North KoROFLia (Blue on top Pacific map). North KoROFLian leader Kim Jong LOL immediately took control over the country and joined Japan in the war.


The top half of the Pacific map with North KoROFLia added.

New Allied nations join the war

On October 17th, 2016 the allies gained 6 new nations: Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Mexico, and Peru. Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Peru have agreed to join the fight in the Pacific. Bulgaria revolted against the Roman occupation and has agreed to join the fight in LOLrope. Canada has agreed to send troops to both fronts.

Map of the ROFLicas

The map of the ROFLicas, with the ULR, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, and Brazil.


The map of LOLrope after the Bulgarian revolt against the Romans.

Expansion of Allied and Axis forces

With almost every nation of Earth 2 at war, it seemed more like a true world war than anything else. This had become both good news and bad news for both sides. The Allies still had countries pinned down by Axis occupation, like France, Spain, Prussia, Poland, the Czech Republic, etc. The Axis had armies that had a long history of losing wars and lacked sufficient supplies or man power to fight for long periods of time. Countries such as Fordorsia and VietLOL were known for taking heavy losses and were considered a crutch for the Axis Powers. However some Axis leaders saw these countries as nations with potential. All they needed were more supplies and weapons.

Axis OCT 17 2016

The Axis Powers as of October 17th, 2016

Allies OCT 17 2016

The Allied Powers as of October 17th, 2016

Some of these conflicts, however, were mainly just more wars between nations who had fought in the past for mostly political reasons. The Oceanic campaign was another installment of the First and Second Oceanic wars between Fordorsia and the Oceanic Empire. Fordorsia was Far-Right and also ran under a Fascist dictatorship. The Oceanic Empire was opposed to the spread of Fascism as a Democratic nation. This fueled a political war not just once, but twice, as both nations fought over their rights of government and how the Oceanic region of LOLsia was to be ran under.

The Bulgarian conflict was more of the same conflicts that Bulgaria had with Rome for many years. Bulgaria and Rome were 2 completely different governments and opposed each other's government. Bulgaria was a Democratic Socialist nation built on power given to the people and making sure everyone had a share of the national wealth. Rome was against this, being more of a Nationalist Dictatorship under the command of Julius Caesar. Bulgaria was completely anti-Nationalism and always had a plan to stop the spread of Nationalist rule over eastern LOLrope.

The Arab League also had a beef with Rome during the War on Terror back in 1996. The Arab League's main goal was to end Islamic terrorism in their empire and put together a Democratic Sunni Muslim state. Rome not only supported the terrorists, but assisted them in battle. Rome and the Arab league had been enemies ever since.

The war between the Republic of Minecraft and VietLOL was based on Minecraft's Constitutional Republic vs. VietLOL's Communist Dictatorship. Minecraft had been trying to stop the spread of dictator-ruled Communism for decades. Once the war had started they got their chance to make an attempt to end it and incorporate a more Democratic Communist state, where everyone would get an equal share of national wealth and supplies, but also have basic rights like freedom of speech and freedom of protest.

Needless to say, the war had become more of a political struggle than anything else.

Japan and North KoROFLia invade China

On October 26th, 2016 the Japanese and North KoROFLian forces launched an invasion of China, which was under USSR control. The North KoROFLian plan was to invade the northern part of China and establish a stronghold on the USSR's Russian border. The Japanese plan was to take Beijing, China's capital. Soviet and Chinese forces were outgunned and outnumbered in the attack, causing the death of over 200,000 troops. Japan only took 57 casualties and North KoROFLia took 30.


The map of the Pacific after Japan and North KoROFLia's successful invasion of China.

Bulgaria becomes the glimmer of hope for the Allies

On October 27th, 2016 the Bulgarian army looked to liberate Greece, who was under control of the Roman Empire. At 9:30 AM, Bulgarian leader Nikola Zhekov launched an invasion of the Roman Empire, triggering the LOLropean campaign again after almost a month of dormancy. The Bulgarians took the Greek provinces of Propontis and Macedonia. Zhekov wanted to liberate Greece in order for them to join the Allies, as Greek leader Themistocles wanted to assist the Allies in conflict, but didn't have the army or the supplies to do so. This liberation by the Bulgarians proved to be a glimmer of hope for the Allied Powers, who had been crushed to the point of almost total surrender in LOLrope. Bulgaria was highly regarded as, in the words of Prussian leader Kaiser Wilhelm II, "the heroes of LOLrope".


The map of LOLrope after Bulgaria's liberation of northeastern Greece.

Bulgaria liberates Greece

On November 1st, 2016 the Bulgarian army pushed the Roman army in Greece to the point of surrender, which officially liberated Greece. The Greeks agreed to join the Allied Powers in the war and declared war against the Roman and Nazi empires. Greek leader Themistocles said after the liberation, "This is our moment of truth. To show what Greece is made of. To show the Axis powers the industrial and military might of the Greek army. We will achieve total victory".


The map of LOLrope after Greece (lighter blue) had been liberated.

Greece had signed an alliance with Bulgaria in case one of the nations would fall, they could merge, much like Poland and Prussia had done previously.

Great LOLtain bombs BerLOL

On November 5th, 2016 the LOLtish Royal Air Force launched a bombing raid on the Nazis at their capital, BerLOL. They had launched 6 B-24 Liberator bombers and 55 Spitfire fighter planes. The Nazi flying corps, the Luftwaffe, sent out a defense consisting of 10 Messerschmidt BF-109 fighters, 30 Junkers JU-87 Stuka dive bombers, and 10 Messerschmidt ME-262 jet fighters. The LOLtish survived an intense dogfight with the Nazis over the city. However, even though the LOLtish B-24s had successfully dropped their load of bombs on BerLOL, 5 of the 6 got shot down. Only one plane survived the bombing raid, a single B-24 bomber.

B 24 in raf service 23 03 05

One of the B-24 bombers that took place in the bombing.

The bombing raid on BerLOL marked the first western LOLropean victory in well over a year. The RAF destroyed major buildings in BerLOL, as well as doing damage to the Reichstag, the parliament building in BerLOL.

The RAF bombs the Normandy Coast

On November 16th, 2016 the LOLtish Royal Air Force launched a bombing raid on the Nazi coastal defenses at Normandy in occupied France. This raid was bigger than the BerLOL bombing, as a total of 15 B-24 bombers were launched with 75 Spitfire fighter planes. The Nazis assembled 25 of their BF-109 fighter planes, 30 ME-262 jet fighters, and 6 brand new LOL-9 jet fighters. This would mark the first time in history that the LOL-9 was used in combat. It had been in production since May 2014 and was finally completed on November 10th, 2016. The Nazi air defense was commanded by Manfred Von Richthofen (AKA The Red Baron) and his Fokker DR-1 triplane. The Nazis would see all of their planes shot down however, as well as all of the RAF fighters going down. The bombers went in alone, but did their job. The coastal defenses were bombed successfully. The RAF only lost 3 of the 15 bombers they had launched for the mission.


LOLtish bombers destroying the Nazi coastal defense at Normandy.

This became a turning point for the Allies in the war. LOLtish air superiority was becoming a serious threat to the Nazis. Even though they still had The Red Baron commanding the Luftwaffe, the Nazis were out-classed and out-fought by the Royal Air Force. It was clear that superiority in the air was important in this war, more important than the First Great War. It was clear to everyone that the war also depended on the strongest air forces. So far the pendulum swung in favor of the Allies due to Great LOLtain's successful air attacks and bombing raids. Every nation knew that air superiority would be the key to victory on both sides. It was no longer a war based mainly on ground troops and tanks. This war was also going to be won by the side that had the strongest air force.

The Soviet Offensive


The map of LOLrope during the first wave of the Soviet Offensive. Nazi advance is shown in pink.

On November 19th, 2016 the Nazis launched the biggest offensive of the war at that point. Over 5 million Nazi and Austro-Nazi (Nazis from occupied Austria) forces marched to the Soviet border, defended by a coalition of Soviet, Polish, Prussian, and Czech forces, and took many territories in the USSR. The offensive lasted from 9:30 AM to 10:00 PM. In total, 32 battles were fought that day. The Nazis won 19 of those battles, and the coalition won 13. The Nazis successfully pushed the coalition back almost halfway to LOLscow. The Nazis used their shock warfare tactic to send the coalition into a state of retreat and it worked. The commander of the Nazi forces during the offensive was General Erwin Rommel. His use of tanks and anti-tank units proved successful against Polish and Soviet resistance. The Czechs fell back soon after. The only force that held their position successfully was the Prussians. The Prussian tank corps had many successes against Rommel's Panzer battalion. However this would not last. at 9:45 PM the Prussians were overwhelmed and pulled back.


The map of LOLrope during the second wave of the Soviet Offensive. Nazi advance is shown in pink.

On November 20th, 2016 the Nazis launched the second wave of the Soviet offensive. The Nazis and Allied coalition forces fought a total of 21 battles that started at 2:00 PM and ended at 11:30 PM. The Nazis were victorious, winning 14 battles. The Nazis were now close to LOLscow, and the majority of the Soviet Red Army were sent to the city of Stalingrad to defend the last remaining checkpoint before entering LOLscow. At around this time, the Arab League joined the Allies in the Soviet Offensive after 5,000 Arab expeditionary soldiers were killed by the Nazis at the Arab League border.

On December 2nd, 2016 the Battle of Stalingrad began. Nazi and Austrian forces attacked a defensive line of Polish, Prussian, and Czech troops. The Nazis managed to break the line, but the Austrians were forced to retreat. The Polish, Prussians, and Czechs would retreat back into the city of Stalingrad with the Soviets. Upon entering the city, Nazi forces broke through line after line of defense and the Austrians would regroup and do the same. The Allies were pushed farther and farther back into the city and eventually the Nazis and Austrians reached the Volga River, where the city limits of Stalingrad are. The Allied forces held off Nazi attacks and crushed the Austrians, forcing them to surrender. The Soviet navy eventually reached Stalingrad through the Volga River and used their battleships to eliminate the retreating Nazi forces. The Battle of Stalingrad officially ended on Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 at 3:30 PM. The Allies had won and the Nazi and Austrian forces were retreating.

At battle's end, Austria decided to apply for emancipation from the Nazi Empire. Austrian leader Conrad Von Hotzendorf explained to Nazi leader Rudolf Von Sturmgeist that Austria was having problems with Nazi control, citing communication issues and lack of independence in the military. Sturmgeist granted emancipation for Austria under the condition that the Austrians would continue to fight under the Axis Powers. Hotzendorf accepted the condition and signed the emancipation form on December 5th, 2016.


The map of LOLrope after Austria becomes its own country (light red on map).

Austria was now its own country, and was granted land in the Czech Republic by the Nazis. 30% of land from the Nazi Empire was given to Austria. Conrad Von Hotzendorf remained the leader of Austria, and while his military success varied over the years, he was still the right man, in Austria's eyes, to lead the nation.

New Nations Join The War

As of November 28th, 2016 the Allied and Axis Powers had grown by a few new nations. The Allies welcomed Greece and Ireland into the war. Ireland, who had been a part of Great LOLtain, was granted emancipation on November 25th, 2016. Greece had built up its army and mobilized on November 27th, 2016. This meant that Greece was officially involved in the war under the Allied Powers.

Allies NOV 28 2016

The Allied Powers after Greece and Ireland joined.

The Axis Powers had welcomed Austria after they were granted emancipation by the Nazi Empire on December 5th, 2016. The Axis Powers were still outnumbered in nations even though Austria joined. The Allies were on every corner of Earth 2, with many nations fighting multiple fronts.

There was now fear in the Axis Powers that the Nazi Empire, and its territory in the USSR, would collapse. The Nazis were in full retreat with the Austrians. The Soviet winter had started, and freezing temperatures and heavy snow made fighting impossible for the Nazis. The Austrians couldn't fight either, as almost 3/4 of the forces that were deployed to the USSR died either at Stalingrad or during the Soviet Offensive.

Axis NOV 28 2016

The Axis Powers after Austria became its own country.

Things seemed desperate for the Axis forces trapped in the bitter cold of the USSR. Poland, Prussia, the Czech Republic, and the USSR made things worse, attacking Nazi camps and killing Nazi and Austrian troops stuck in the snow. For the Nazis, it was either stay and die, or escape and die.


The map of LOLrope after Ireland becomes its own nation (orange on map).

Nazi/Austrian advance lost, Arab victories, Australia/New Zealand joins the war, and action on the Oceanic Front

The Nazi/Austrian advance was completely lost by December 10th, 2016. The remaining Nazi and Austrian troops who weren't killed by Coalition forces made it to BerLOL and Vienna at 9:30 AM on the morning of the 10th. The USSR and its Polish/Czech/Prussian Coalition re-took all of the land that was lost in the Soviet Offensive.

Other events included the Arab League forming a coalition with LOLfrican and Greek troops to fight the Roman Empire. Major victories led to the capture of the entire Arabian peninsula as well as capturing Turkey. These events let to the Battle of the Sinai Province and the Battle of the Sinai Desert. Both would end in Arab victories. The Arab League had also debuted a new tank, called the Merkava. This tank was designed with crew safety in mind. The engine was placed in the front, and there was an escape hatch in the back so the crew could escape with little to no harm. It fielded a much larger gun than any Roman tank, and at the Battle of the Sinai Desert, the Merkava shot and destroyed a Roman armored train.

Merkava 2 Israeli forum ArmyRecognition 001

A Merkava tank used in the Battle of the Sinai Desert.

The Arab League's Merkava tank was the most technologically advanced tank on the battlefield at the time of its introduction. Even though only one had been sent to the battlefield, it proved to be a critical element to the Arab League's victory at the Sinai Desert. The Roman Empire was in shock that this tank had destroyed 3/4 of the Roman armored vehicles at the Sinai, and even more so that it destroyed an entire armored train in the process and wasn't even dented despite it being hit 237 times in various areas.


The map of LOLrope after the Arab League's conquest against the Roman Empire.

Another front had opened up, and it was the Oceanic Front. The Oceanic Empire had plans to invade the Eastern Islands of Fordorsia in a full-scale amphibious assault. However this time they needed assistance, and with every Pacific nation tied up in their own fronts, the Oceanic Empire persuaded Australia and New Zealand to join the war on the side of the Allied Powers. The ANZACs (Australia/New Zealand Army Corps) was prepared for war with over 750,000 soldiers and 2,000 naval vessels. This force was commanded by Frederick Bishop, who was not only the leader of Australia/New Zealand, but also their elite soldier.

Allies DEC 28 2016

The Allied Powers after Australia/New Zealand joined the war.

The invasion was set for December 28th, 2016. At 3:30 PM the Oceanic Empire and the ANZACs attacked the Eastern Islands. After a 3-hour battle, the Allies took the islands. The Oceanic soldiers took quite a beating by the Fordorsian forces, but the ANZACs took little to no losses in their encounter against the Fordorsian troops. This invasion marked Australia/New Zealand's debut in the war.

These events led to more and more problems for the Axis Powers. The Nazis and Austrians were pushed back and lost all of the land they took during the Soviet Offensive, The Roman Empire was now on the ropes thanks to the Arab League and their Greek and LOLfrican allies, and Fordorsia had lost the Eastern Islands, which held most of their munitions and supplies. The Allies were closing in and weren't showing signs of stopping anytime soon.


The map of the Oceanic after the Oceanic Empire and the ANZACs captured the Eastern Islands.

The War Expands Further

During the spring and summer of 2017, resistance became rampant, as nations were split up and empires were on the verge of collapse. The biggest collapse was in the Arab League, as their leader, Saladin, was assassinated by rebels. These rebels would divide the empire into 2 governing bodies. Those who allied themselves joined the rebels as the Ottoman Empire and would side with the Axis Powers. Those who opposed the new regime would lead to the creation of Persia, and would side with the Allied Powers.

In Poland, a Nazi puppet government would be created, called the Teutonic Order. This puppet government would rule Poland with an iron fist, persecuting and killing those who opposed them and their radical Christian ideologies.

In Great LOLtain, a Fascist movement started to rise and would associate themselves as the LOLtish Union of Fascists. They would grow a large following and would take up a 3rd of the country. This would also happen in Ireland by a similar group, known as the Irish Republican Army.

In France, the Nazis installed a puppet government known as Vichy France. It was run by French officers and government officials who favored Fascism and were allowed to control half of the country.

Another resistance situation happened in the LOLfrican Empire. After the LOLfrican Empire's victories against the Romans and Nazis in North LOLfrica, they faced more resistance, as the Nazis would, once again, create governing bodies to control their territory. These nations would be called Iperia and Mazkorvia.

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