The SkipperThePenguin Show is a text-to-speech comedy series, written and created by SkipperThePenguin (A.K.A. Alessiofuffa3 in wikia). In the series it has casual episodes, it is unknown to have a plot of this show's episodes, and the series starts air when AlessioFuffa3 has a youtube account, later, he got it by using his generated new cell phone number, it wasn't announced, but he could start it sometimes or someday.

The SkipperThePenguin Show

Current Season


Air Date







Needs Youtube Account


  • SkipperThePenguin (Role: Protagonist) (Voice: Adult Male #1 American English)
  • Microsoft Sam (Role: Protagonist) (Voice: Himself)
  • Microsoft Mike (Role: Protagonist) (Voice: Himself)
  • Baboot (Role: Neutral) (Voice: Adult Male #2 American English)
  • Jonathanos (Role: Antagonist) (Voice: Adult Male #3 American English)
  • Pac-Devil (Role: Antagonist) (Voice: Adult Male #5 American English)
  • Tangot (Role: Antagonist) (Voice: Adult Female #2 American English)
  • Robottarion (Role: Neutral) (Voice: Robosoft 1)
  • Microsoft Jamie (Role: Protagonist) (Voice: Adult Female #1 British English)
  • Microsoft Jomio (Role: Protagonist) (Voice: Adult Male #1 British English)


  • 8th August 2012: Alessiofuffa3 soon he said he'll get a youtube named SkipperThePenguin before making his series.
  • 9th August 2012: Alessiofuffa3 got a youtube named SkipperThePenguin100, he will start the series maybe for no given notice.

​Episodes Available/In the making

Season 1

  • Pilot, Camera, Action! - (Status: In the making) (Air Date: Not available)

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