The Spirit of BerLOL

The Spirit of BerLOL is the flagship of the United Speakonian Nazi Empire's navy, owned by the Kriegsmarine. It's the most powerful battleship on Earth 2.

The ship is armed top-to-bottom with guns. Each window, hole, and open space carries either a main cannon, mortar, or pulse cannon.

This ship is deemed so powerful that any battleship or dreadnought that encounters it is automatically destroyed. It's estimated that in order for this ship to go down, an entire allied naval armada would have to take it down.


Production of this ship began in 2010. It was originally being built under the Weimar Republic, but the United Speakonian Nazi Empire took over production after the GeROFLman Revolution in 2014. It was intended to be the "final solution" to naval conflict, meaning that the ship would be indestructible and all future naval conflict would be pointless.

The bow of the ship


View from the captain's bridge


The main gun deck


Side mortars


Evacuation ramp


The stern of the ship

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