The Sucky C:/ Destroying Virus (a.k.a The Sucky Hard Drive Destroying Virus) is a real virus. It was discovered in a recent Hallmark email virus attack in 2011. It was sent from a hacker, possibly Lulzsec. In the text-to-speech world, it requires you to get a new computer. It is considered the second worst virus in the text-to-speech universe, aside from the Really Sucky Virus. It first appeared in M0CH1R15U's Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Error Messages Season 2 Episode 4. Upon opening a certain spam email it can melt a hole in your computer's C:/ drive and will make your computer crash forever. The only way to prevent it is to not open it. Just delete the email message that has the virus. You're not going to want it destroying an expensive computer. If it comes before you delete it, after a minute, it will select yes and destroy your computer.
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The Virus that melts your C drive

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