The Sucky Cyborg
The Sucky Cyborg


November 15, 2011



TTS Voice:

Robosoft Three

Date of death:

November 16, 2011

The Sucky Cyborg was a robot in one of ThePermian99's videos. In the video "More Microsoft Sam randomness", Microsoft Sam crashed a ROFLcopter into the labs in which the Sucky Cyborg was created and destroyed the building. The Sucky Cyborg was still intact and Microsoft Sam stole it from the labs. As Sam arrived back at ThePermian Tower, he commanded the Sucky Cyborg to fire a nuclear missile at the Nazi alien housekeeper command ship. Unfortunatley, it pressed the detonate button before firing, destroying Lolbourne as a result.

The Sucky Cyborg was destroyed when it was sent to the Nazi alien housekeeper command ship when Microsoft Sam fired a nuclear missile at it.

The Sucky Cyborgs were eventually replaced with the far superior Supreme Cyborgs.


The creator of the Sucky Cyborg is unknown. The Sucky Cyborg was made to be a super advanced assistant robot, but after a glitch in its programming, it became unable to complete everyday tasks and in fact doing them completely wrong; e.g. a sucky Cyborg sent into the army has been recorded to detonate a land mine without planting in the ground.

The Sucky Cyborg v2.3

The labs in which the Sucky Cyborgs were created was hijacked by the remaining nazi alien housekeepers, the new Sucky Cyborg has been re-created with The Really Sucky Virus as a system processer and programed to only annoy those who have eaten IWAY cookies and to irritate Microsoft Sam into erupting into a massive spaz and explode.

Sucky cyborg

Beybladertommy's version

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