The Supreme Cyborg is another variant of the Sucky Cyborg. However, the Supreme Cyborg is much stronger, more powerful and more intelligent than the Sucky Cyborg. One Supreme Cyborg is deployed with every 30 Sucky Cyborgs.

The War in New ZeaLOL

In episode 2 of the War in New ZeaLOL, the Supreme Cyborgs were introduced along with the Xenomorphs and Ragequit Overseers. They fought in the Battle of Loldon against Sam, Mike, AT88TV and the Loltish armies.

In episode 3 their weakness was revealed to be Baloney Sandwiches when Radar Overseer Scotty slipped and dropped one on them. These were used again in the Battle of New ZeaLOL, killing every Supreme Cyborg in the UAL base.

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